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<<NOTE that we run faster in this tale so the numbers may be off, but the theory is valid>>

Egypt is a large place, and there are a number of different ways to get around:

1 coordinate = 16 feet = about 5 meters.

On foot

The simplest (if not fastest) way to get around is on foot. Your base travel speed is approximately 16 feet per second off-road; travel on roads is slightly faster at 20 feet per second. Running speed may be increased by increasing certain attributes: Higher dexterity allows you to run faster off-road, and higher speed allows you to run faster on-road. At 7 points of dexterity, off-road travel speed is the same as on-road speed. Carrying more than your natural dexterity (i.e. without food) permits in bulk will negate the off-road speed bonus from dexterity.

Steep slopes or deep water will block foot travel. Ferry Boats can be constructed to cross narrow rivers, and Long-Range Ferries can be used to cross larger bodies of water. Once you start the Test of the Oyster Catcher (level 6 required) you can swim anywhere a ferry would take you.


Chariots provide a rapid, inexpensive means of traveling between regions (See Chariot Routes). There is a chariot stop located in every region. Each chariot stop provides connections to the stops located in several neighboring regions.

Chariots may be used in two ways: At specific times for free, or at any other time at a cost in offline travel time. Most routes are available for free travel once every 10-20 minutes. The cost in offline travel time and time remaining until free travel is available may be checked at the chariot stop.

The cost in offline travel time for using a chariot is five times the time it would take to cover the same distance on foot.

For the most curious ones, chariots travel at 2 coordinates per in-game seconds (aka 21.8 miles/hour or 35.1 kilometers/hour). But please note it takes a constant, stops-dependent, amount of time to prepare the chariot for his trip back. ;)

Travel Time

Travel time accumulates while you're logged off as one of the Offline Chores. You can see how much Travel Time you have available at the top of the Self > Navigation window.

Accumulating travel time allows you to travel any time, instead of waiting for a chariot to become available. (See Chariots above for details.)

Exploration travel

Every city center is surrounded by several expedition sites (see the expedition site map). They are usually located along every road leading away from a city center.

The Exploration Travel skill, available at a cost of 2 leather from any School of Harmony, allows you to designate any one expedition site as your personal expedition site. (You must visit the site to select it.) In addition, you may designate any location in Egypt as your "home location", using an option under your navigation menu.

Once you have selected a personal expedition site and home location, any subsequent changes to either these locations will take two hours to take effect. You will not be able to use expedition travel for these two hours.

Exploration travel may be used in two ways:

  • Instantly move from your current location to your personal expedition site.
  • Instantly move from your personal expedition site to your home location.

Both forms of exploration travel cost offline travel time proportionate to the distance of the journey. Exploration travel costs 160% as much as chariot travel (8 times the time it would take to walk). There are no restrictions on how often you may use exploration travel.

Exploration travel may not be used when within 150 coordinates of a chariot stop.


The School of Harmony teaches the Navigation skill. This skill comes in various ranks, and each rank increases the number of waypoints you can use by one. Details on the level and tuition requirements for the different ranks are available on the Navigation skill page.

You may place waypoints at any location you want, using the appropriate option under your navigation menu. Waypoints may be moved at any time, and changes take effect immediately (unlike changes to your home location or personal expedition site).

You may instantly jump from your current location to any of your waypoints, at a cost in offline travel time. When traveling near home (both start and destination are within 600 coordinates of your home location), waypoint travel costs 75% as much as expedition travel over an equivalent distance (6 times as much as on foot). When traveling far from home (either start or destination is 3000 or more coordinates from your home location), waypoint travel costs 375% as much as expedition travel (30 times as much as on foot). For intermediate distances from home, the cost scales linearly.

To simplify: The farther you or your waypoint is from home, the more it costs to use a waypoint. Using waypoints to get around camp is cheap; using waypoints to travel between regions is very expensive.

You may not use a chariot for ten minutes after using waypoint travel.

Comparative costs

The following table summarizes the cost in offline travel of using various forms of travel. Costs are given in relation to Tale 1 waypoint travel costs. Tale 1 waypoints cost ten seconds for each coordinate of distance travelled.

Travel mode Relative cost Seconds/Coordinate Distance you can go by spending one hour
Tale 1 waypoints 100% 10 360
Chariots (at scheduled times) 0% 0 (infinite)
Chariots (outside scheduled times) 50% 5 720
To/from expedition stops 80% 8 450
Waypoints (near home) 60% 6 600
Waypoints (away from home) 300% 30 120

You can see the Travel Time you still have available via Self -> Navigation in the title of the window. While you have a Free Trial account you are not able to travel with certain items like sheep and seeds in your inventory.

Where should I put my Home location?

If you live in town, between the Expedition Site circle and the Chariot Stop, simply locate your Home in the middle of your camp. Chose the expedition site that's nearest your waypoint sites, not necessarily the Expedition site that's nearest your Home location. For example, if you live in town, but near an expedition point, you might want to run just outside of that Expedition Point, and then Jump to your selected Expedition site on the far side of town to get to your waypoints, and then jump back to the Expedition Site and thence Home.

   * The cost of travel to a waypoint depends on how far you are from your Home location.
   * The inbound cost of travel to an expedition site, and thence from the expedition site to your Home location, is fixed. 

Because you are too sweaty to use a chariot for 10 minutes after a waypoint jump, as a practical matter waypoints are useless when placed near a Chariot Stop. Jumping Home from an Expedition Site to your Home, however, doesn't make you sweaty, so one very good strategy is to place your Home location near the Chariot Stop. At a cost of 30 minutes of waypoint time, you can pretty much eliminate local running when you are inbound to a Chariot Stop. Outbound, just use a Waypoint. Unless your Waypoints are on opposite sides of Town, placing your Home location at the Chariot Stop is going to cost you some extra travel time.

If you are trying to conserve Off-Line Travel time, rather than running time, your Home Location should be near the center of the polygon formed by the Chariot Stop and your (up to three) Waypoint sites. You can use cheap Expedition Time when inbound to the Chariot Stop, you're going to run from the Expedition Site to the Chariot Stop in any case, so fudge your Home location toward the midpoint of your Waypoint locations. If you're really hurting for Off-line Travel Time, you can run back out to your Expedition Site and then jump Home rather than using expensive waypoint time, so put your Home location right in the middle of your waypoints.

As you accumulate Waypoint time, you can gradually shift your Home location closer to the Chariot Stop to minimize your running time.

Also, be clever about selecting an Expedition Site. The site nearest your compound is probably isn't your best choice as you can easily run to that point when you have errands in town, or when you're on your way back from the Chariot Stop.