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This is a summary table of all buildings in the game. A building is something that is visible on the ground, and you can do something with it besides pick it up, and can be built by players.

Before updating this list or creating new building pages, please read the Guidelines at the bottom of this page.

See also the Buildings Index.

For a list of public buildings go here. Public Buildings

Please keep the items in alphabetical order, with the name used in-game.

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Building Summary


Name Cost Size Where Brief Description Prerequisite
Acoustics Laboratory 50 Steel Sheeting, 25 Steel Wire, 25 Cut Stone, 700 Rigid Fireproof boards, 400 Hard Fireproof boards, 600 Soft Pliable boards, 550 Hard Pliable, 500 Black Raeli Tiles, 500 White Raeli Tiles, 250 Concrete CP
Acid Bath 1 Oyster Shell Marble, 4 Canvas 5x3 CP Used for converting metals into metallic salts Tc: Neutralization
Airship 8 Water Metal Strap, 20 Aluminum Strap, 80 Silk Cloth, 160 Canvas, 160 Linen, 400 Rope, 600 Pliable Fireproof Blonde Boards SCS Used to reach otherwise inaccessible areas Tc: Airship Construction
Alembic 6 Copper Sheeting, 1 Thermometer, 25 Gold Wire, 2 Small Gears, 15 Glass Jars 9x13 CP Used for converting Wine and Beer into Spirits Tc: Distillation
Ant Colony 4 Sheet Glass, 4 Iron Bars, 1 Thermometer, 75 Nontoxic, Termite Resistant Boards, 100 Red Sand, 100 White Sand, 100 Sand, 100 Dirt, 100 Clay 5x3 CP Grow ants. Tc: Myrmecology
Ancient Automation 2 Pincher Claws, 1 Pincher Axle, 500 Oil, 5 Lubricating Oil, 100 Bearings, 3 Large Gears, 2 Medium Gears, 10 Iron Bars, 10 Octec's Alloy Cable, 4 Water Metal Sheeting: Conductive Titanium-Plated Purity 5+, 1 Random 3 Output Gearbox , 1 Random 3 Output Gearbox (Different) Out Move Blocks Tc: Ancient Mechanics
Anvil 1 Anvil Bed, 120 Firebricks, 4 Water in Jugs 7x15 CP Used for the smithing of various tools. Tc: Advanced Blacksmithing
Aqueduct Construction Site 1 Canvas, 4 Rope, 50 Straw Out To build Aqueduct buildings Tc: Test of Life
Aqueduct Pumping Station 600 Steel Wire, 600 Copper Wire, 120 Moon Steel Sheeting, 1 Cistern, 50,000 White Raeli Tiles, 30,000 Greenish Raeli Tiles, 30,000 Yellowish Raeli Tiles, 30,000 Pinkish Raeli Tiles, 50,000 Black Raeli Tiles, 100,000 Any Color Raeli Tiles, 50,000 Rotproof, Rigid, Nontoxic Boards, 10,000 Concrete, 100 Oyster Shell Marble, 100 Night Granite, 100 Grey Star Marble ACS Used to pump water into Aqueduct Towers Tc: Test of Life
Aqueduct Tower 1 Cistern, 5 Copper Pipe, 20 Tar, 200 Black Raeli Tiles, 100 White Raeli Tiles, 50 Yellowish Raeli Tiles, 50 Redish Raeli Tiles, 50 Greenish Raeli Tiles, 50 Blueish Raeli Tiles, 100 Concrete ACS Tc: Test of Life
Apiary 8 Boards, 1 Linen Out Used to make Honey and Beeswax Tc: Beekeeping
Automatic Loom 2 Sheet Glass, 20 Steel Wire, 4 Loom Frame, 1 Carpentry Blade Q5000+, 10 Small Gears, 4 Medium Gears, 120 Boards, 4 Eyelet Cut Gem, Any Type 6x7 CP Automatically weaves Linen & Canvas Tc: Loom Automation


Name Cost Size Where Brief Description Prerequisite
Barrel Grinder 120 Bearings, 3200 Boards, 20 Cable, 600 Leather, 4000 Oil, 1000 Small Quartz 11x19 CP Used to grind Aluminum and Silver to powder Tc: Pyrotechnic Mortar Construction
Barrel Vise 2 Brass Plate, 6 Copper Sheeting 9x9 CP Used to make Small Barrel Sk: Cooperage
Basic Sign 10 Wood, 4 Boards, 2 Rope Out Used to supply a note or information about a place Tc: Sign Construction
Basic Tub 240 Bricks, 2 Canvas 7x13 CP Used to rot Dung into Saltpeter, Flax into Rotten Flax or produce Sulfur from Sulphurous Water Sk: Flax Processing
Beer Kettle 1 Brass Pot, 4 Copper Sheeting Out For making Beer. Tc: Beer Brewing
Beetle Terrarium 100 Dirt, 3 Linen, 12 Sheet Glass 9x9 CP For breeding Beetles. Tc: Entomology
Blast Furnace 100 Boards, 20 Clay, 100 Concrete, 6 Crucibles, 10 Glass Pipe, 50 Leather, 5 Pulley, 100 Steel Sheeting 9x12 CP Used for smelting metal ore Tc: Metallurgy (1 of 3)
Bonfire Wood any Out Used in the Festival of Ra. Ts: Test of Festivals
Box 24 Boards 3x3 CP Storage (capacity 1000).
Box Kiln 32 Bricks 5x7 CP Used for firing Wet Firebricks (Capacity 6). Sk: Kiln Construction
Brick Machine 50 Boards, 40 Concrete, 40 Bearings, 4 Iron Bar, 4 Copper Sheeting, 4 Small Gear, 2 Medium Gear 9x11 CP Automatic brick making Tc: Brick Automation
Bullet Furnace 1 Crucibles, 50 Firebricks 5x6 CP Used for smelting metal ore Tc: Metallurgy (1 of 3)


Name Cost Size Where Brief Description Prerequisite
Carpentry Shop 36 Bricks, 60 Boards, 2 Rope, 8 Slate 14x14 CP For making Boards and basic Tools. Sk: Carpentry
Casting Box See Student's Casting Box or Master's Casting Box CP (Category) Used for casting items from metal. Tc: Casting
Ceremonial Tasting Table 6 Oyster Shell Marble, 20 Boards 13x6 CP For drinking Beer and Wine.
Certificate Press 2 Pinch Roller, 20 Boards, 5 Linen, 40 Gold Wire CP
Charcoal Brazier Holy c**p expensive! 29x11 CP Converts 409 Wood into 400 Charcoal. Tc: Automatic Charcoal Production
Charcoal Hearth 360 Bricks, 240 Firebricks 8x19 CP Converts 100 Wood into 100 Charcoal. Tc: Basic Charcoal Production
Charcoal Oven 600 Clay Bricks, 1200 Bricks, 4 Iron Bars, 8 Copper Sheeting, 8 Copper Wire, 40 Leather 11x17 CP Converts 200 Wood into 200 Charcoal Tc: Advanced Charcoal Production
Chemical Bath 300 Hard, Rotproof, Fireproof Treated Boards, 2 7500+ Distillation Coil, 20 Fine Glass Pipe, 200 Nails, 40 Bolt, 80 Washer, 20 Steel Sheeting, 20 Iron Bars, 100 Canvas, 10 Tar, 50 Copper Pipe, 2 Thermometer 30x16 CP For making treated metals Tc: Basic Metal Treatment
Chemistry Laboratory 50 Glass Jars, 20 Glass Rods, 900 Boards, 214 Nails, 19 Rope, 10 Wooden Peg, 5 Copper Sheeting, 1 Wooden Pestle, 1 Clay Mortars 19x19 CP Basic chemistry lab for making simple chemicals/compounds Tc: Basic Chemistry
Chest 48 Boards, 400 Bricks 3x5 CP Storage (capacity 5000).
Chicken Coop 50 Boards, 600 Bricks, 15 Cut Stone, 60 Dried Flax 15x17 Out Chicken Coops house Chickens (Hens and Rosters), and they can breed and lay Eggs here. Tc: Avian Selection
Cicada Cage 4 Boards, 1Linen Out holds cicadas Ts: Test of the Singing Cicada
Clinker Vat 10 Copper Sheeting, 60 Cut Stone, 2500 Firebricks 21x21 CP Used to make Cement and Concrete Tc: Masonry
Compound 100 Boards, 200 Bricks 6 sectors Out Main Building SK: Compound Construction
Compression Furnace 100 Clay, 3 Crucibles, 200 Firebricks, 5Iron Bars 11x15 CP Used for smelting metal ore Tc: Metallurgy (1 of 3)
Construction Site See Small Construction Site, Medium Construction Site
Crematory 80 Concrete, 4 Sun Steel, 14 Brass, 400 Small Quartz, 210 Grayish Raeli Tiles, 7 Thermometer 9x9 CP More efficient ash/lime creation Tc: Advanced Chemistry (1 of 2)


Name Cost Size Where Brief Description Prerequisite
Deep Well 200 Rope, 400 Boards, 300 Nails, 20 Screw Gear, 500 Oil, 2000 Leather MCS Petroleum! Tc: Deep Well Construction
Dromedary Pen 200 Boards, 400 Bricks SCS on Sand Home for camels to live and breed SK: Animal Husbandry
Drying Rack 18 Boards Out Allows drying of Grass, Rotten Flax, Papyrus, Wet Linen and Wheat. Sk: Flax Processing


Name Cost Size Where Brief Description Prerequisite
Essence of Harmony 222 Palm Frond, 100 Cut Stone, 75 Linen, 150 Boards, 300 Fertile Papyrus SCS Used for various Harmony Tests Ts: Principles of Harmony Completed
Empty Hand Puzzle 50 Boards, 80 Clay, 20 Dried Flax, 60 Limestone, 30 Rope, 25 Thorns SCS Puzzle building for the Principles of Thought Ts: Principles of Thought


Name Cost Size Where Brief Description Prerequisite
Fence 50 Boards Out
Fennec Trap 4 Boards, 1 Rope Out For catching desert foxes. Ts: Test of the Safari
Ferry Boat 20 Boards, 4 Rope, 1 Sail, 4 Tar, 20 Wood A small boat for crossing short stretches of shallow water. Sk: Ferry Construction
Firepit 80 Slate 40 Firebricks Outside early CC making and ash/lime production Sk: Controlled Burn
Flax Comb 18 Boards, 36 Bricks, 60 Thorns 5x6 CP / Out* Low-tech Flax processing. Sk: Flax Processing
Flax Gin 4 Baskets, 800 Clay Bricks, 150 Oil, 100 Leather, 60 Rope, 40 Small Gears, 20 Bearings, 8 Flystone, 2 Full Eye Sunstone 7x11 CP High-tech Flax processing. Tk: Flax Automation
Flax Hammock 8 Boards, 4 Rope, 2 Canvas 9x17 Out Advanced building for drying Grass, Rotten Flax, Papyrus, Wet Linen and Wheat. Sk: Flax Processing
Flimsy Brick Rack 4 Boards Out Early building for making Bricks. Sk: Brick Rack Construction
Fleet Furnace 30 Cut Stone 1 Iron Pot 60 Leather 600 Firebricks 40 Small Quartz 40 Small Diamond 21x11 CP Reactory for making Quicksilver from Red Sand. Sk: Basic Chemistry
Funerary Temple 16 Sheet Glass, 5000 Firebricks, 40 Gold, 200 Silver, 50 Iron Bars, 250 Concrete, 100 Cut Stone, 4 Mirror, 600 Boards N/A SCS For ostentatious display of Raeli Tiles. Ts: Test of the Funerary Temple


Name Cost Size Where Brief Description Prerequisite
Gearbox Assembly Table 280 Boards, 56 Nails 17x16 CP For assembling gearboxes. Tc: Gearbox Design
Gem Cutting Table 24 Cut Stones, 14 White Sand, 80 Boards 17x17 CP Allows cutting of Cuttable Gems into Cut Gems of various types. Tc: Gem Cutting
Glazier's Bench 200 Firebricks, 400 Bricks, 1200 Sand 11x17 CP For creating Glass. Tc: Glassblowing
Glory Hole 40 Cut Stone, 600 Firebricks, 20 Steel Sheeting, 2 Copper Strap, 1 Iron Bar 13x13 CP Tc: Advanced Glassblowing
Greenhouse 32 Sheet Glass, 1 Thermometer, 500 Dirt, 6 Canvas, 60 Water in Jugs Out SCS Used to grow grass and for Crossbreeding Tc: Gardening
Grain Oven 120 Firebricks, 40 Slate, 45 Copper Wire 9x9 CP
Guild Hall (100+2*(n^2)) Boards, (100+4*(n^2)) Bricks SCS Guilds! For fun and profit! Woo! (n=member limit) Tc: Guild Construction
Gyration Cell 1000 Boards, 500 Clay, 250 Concrete, 50 Copper Sheeting, 12 Crucibles, 20 Glass Pipe, 100 Leather, 50 Moon Steel, 10 Pulley, 25 Tin Sheeting 7x7 CP High Efficiency/High Speed Charcoal Furnace Tc: Metallurgy (3 of 3)


Name Cost Size Where Brief Description Prerequisite
Hackling Rake 18 Boards, 36 Bricks, 60 Nails 6x5 CP Better Flax processing. Sk: Flax Processing
Hades Furnace 2 Aluminum Plate, 5000 Boards, 5000 Clay Bricks, 100 Copper Sheeting, 30 Crucibles, 500 Cut Stone, 20 Fine Glass Pipe, 75 Iron Bars, 75 Iron Strap, 25 Pulley, 300 Steel Sheeting, 3 Thermometer, 15 Tin Sheeting MCS High Efficiency, Long Duration, High Pollution Petroleum Furnace Tc: Metallurgy (2 of 3)
Hand Loom 4 Boards, 2 Loom Frame 7x4 CP Better weaving building. Sk: Clothwork
Hexaglyph Tablet 700 Boards, 2 Hile's Chevrons Cut Turquoise, 25 Iron Bars, 5 Iron Strap, 100 Linen, 100 Slate, 25 Mandibular Glue, 100 Metal Blue Wire, 343 Nails, 100 Orange Paint 3x15 CP For the Test of Hexaglyphs Ts: Test of Hexaglyphs


Name Cost Size Where Brief Description Prerequisite
Improved Brick Rack 18 Boards, 36 Nails 5x5 CP Better brick making. Sk: Improved Brick Rack Construction
Incense Burner 3 Glass Rods, 1 Large Quartz, 3 Silver 3x3 CP Used to burn Incense. Tc: Aromatics
Indonesian Bee Hive 12 Linen, 200 Clay, 2 Baskets SCS Used to create Aromatic Honey and Citrus Sk: Indonesian Bee Care


Name Cost Size Where Brief Description Prerequisite
Kettle 1 Iron Pot, 4 Copper Sheeting 5 x 5 CP Used to reduce various liquids by boiling Sk: Cooking
Khefre's Locker 50 Boards, 100 Bricks, 20 Slate 5x5 CP Storage for Beetles Ts: Test of Khefre's Children
Kitchen 1 Clay Mortars, 32 Bricks, 20 Firebricks, 20 Boards 15x15 CP Processing food, cooking recipes when upgraded with an Iron Cookpot Sk: Cooking


Name Cost Size Where Brief Description Prerequisite
Large Distaff 12 Boards, 200 Clay Bricks, 10 Wood, 2 Copper Sheeting, 200 Concrete 14x22 CP Larger capacity than Small Distaff. Tc: Structure Reinforcement
Large House 4900 Rigid Rotproof Boards, 4900 Rigid Fireproof Boards, 4900 Rigid Termite Resistant Boards, 2100 Hard Glossy White Boards, 2100 Hard Glossy Blonde Boards, 2100 Hard Glossy Black Boards, 2100 Soft Nontoxic Boards, 7000 Nails, 25 White Travertine, 28 Blue Pearl Marble, 12 Hornet's Wing Granite, 10 Mountain Marble, 6 Island Blue Marble, 450 Linen, 300 Rope, 4500 Concrete, 800 Chartreuse Paint, 850 Aquamarine Paint, 525 Rosy Brown Paint, 345 Spring Green Paint, 600 Tomato Paint, 140 Cornflower Blue Raeli Tiles, 160 Dark Slate Gray Raeli Tiles, 240 Gainsboro Raeli Tiles, 180 Linen Raeli Tiles, 100 Royal Blue Raeli Tiles, 240 Ivory Raeli Tiles, 800 Black Raeli Tiles MCS Very large storage capacity Passed 5 Architecture Tests
Limestone Auger 25 Bolts, 50 Washers, 25 Iron: Hard, Corrosion Resistant, 5 Medium Gears, 1 Screw Gears, 10 Iron Straps, 100 Boards SCS Digs up Limestone Tc: Stone Automation
Long-Range Ferry 4 Silk Cloth, 50 Rigid Rotproof Boards, 50 Pliable Rotproof Boards, 20 Rope, 200 Wood, 20 Tar n/a SCS Longer range than Ferry Boat. Tc: Ferry Construction 2


Name Cost Size Where Brief Description Prerequisite
Malting Tray 8 Boards, 20 Papyrus Paper 5x5 CP For converting Barley into Malt. Tc: Barley Cultivation
Marble Tub 1 Tangerine Marble, 20 Tar, 10 Canvas 7x13 CP An improved tub which doesn't crumble Sk: Advanced Tub Design
Mason's Bench 30 Boards, 48 Bricks, 6 Flint, 20 Leather, 4 Oil, 4 Rope 8x9 CP Cuts a medium stone into a crucible or nail mould. Tc: Stonemasonry
Master's Casting Box 24 Boards, 200 Firebricks, 400 Bricks, 50 Rope, 12000 Sand 15X35 CP For turning metal into worked products like pots, gears, and bolts Tc: Casting
Master's Forge 72 Boards, 200 Firebricks, 400 Bricks 17x16 CP For Metalwork Tc: Blacksmithing
Medium Construction Site 2 Canvas, 8 Rope Out Basis for larger outside buildings. Sk: Project Management (2)
Mine 100 Boards, 300 Bricks, 100 Leather, 10 Pulley, 75 Rope, 100 Water In Jugs Out Used to dig up ore Tc: Mining
Mint 1 Pinch Roller, 1 Extrusion Plate, 300 Cut Stone, 100 Gold Wire, 80 Bearings, 400 Boards, 800 Bricks 9x15 CP Tc: Minting
Modern Sheep Farm 250 Hard White Boards, 250 Nontoxic White Boards, 2000 Bricks, 125 Cut Stone, 300 Concrete, 25 Linen, 50 White Paint, 1 Thermometer, 125 Jugs Out Advanced building for the storage and breeding of Sheep. Tc: Modern Sheep Farming


Name Cost Size Where Brief Description Prerequisite
Offering Vault 5 Lead Sheeting, 1 Oyster Shell Marble, 3 Lead Pipe, 1 Large Gears, 25 Bolts N/A SCS Ts:Test of the Balance of Goods
Ore Mine 100 Boards, 300 Bricks, 100 Leather, 10 Pulley, 75 Rope, 100 Water in Jugs Out Used to extract metal ores. Tc: Mining


Name Cost Size Where Brief Description Prerequisite
Paper Press 40 Cut Stone, 1 Pinch Roller, 4 Medium Gears, 200 Oil 12x13 CP For making Paper. Tc: Papyrus Paper Fabrication
Papyrus Tank 5 Sheet Glass, 77 Dirt, 77 Silt, 77 Sand, 100 Water in Jugs 5x8 CP Growing Sterile Papyrus Tc: Aquaculture
Persephone Furnace 1 Aluminum Plate, 2500 Boards, 2500 Clay Bricks, 20 Copper Pipe, 50 Copper Sheeting, 15 Crucibles, 250 Cut Stone, 20 Fine Glass Pipe, 500 Gypsum, 40 Iron Bars, 40 Iron Strap, 200 Lime, 10 Pulley, 150 Steel Sheeting, 10 Thermometer, 10 Tin Sheeting, 2000 Water in Jugs MCS High Efficiency, Long Duration, Low Pollution Petroleum Furnace Tc: Metallurgy (2 of 3)
Pigment Laboratory 30 Glass Jars, 6 Fine Glass Rods, 12 Copper Sheeting 11x11 CP For making Paint. Tc: The Science of Color
Pilgrim Shrine 7 Marble (depends on shrine item), 7x tithe amount of shrine item SCS For the Path of the Pilgrim. Sk: Pilgrim Shrine Construction
Pottery Deck 240 Boards, 500 Limestone, 60 Flystone, 200 Bearings, 300 Oil 20x21 CP For turning Clay into Wet Clay Dome, Wet Cistern, and Wet Pipe Segment. Sk: Structural Pottery
Pottery Wheel 12 Boards, 48 Bricks, 1 Flystone, 1 Leather, 4 Oil, 4 Rope 5x5 CP For turning Clay into Wet Jugs. Sk: Pottery


Name Cost Size Where Brief Description Prerequisite
Rabbit Hutch 1 Clay Dome, 200 Straw, 200 Boards 18x19 SCS, CP, On Dirt For raising Rabbits Tc: Animal Husbandry
Raeli Mosaic 2 Sheet Glass, (50, 125, 250, or 425) Steel Wire, 250 Glossy White Boards, 250 Glossy Blonde Boards, 1 Carpentry Blade 3500+ Quality, 1 Large Emerald, 1 Large Ruby, 350 Yellowish Paint, 250 Spring Green Paint, 150 Pale Violet Red Paint 28x37 CP Used in Test of the Raeli Mosaic Ts: Test of the Raeli Mosaic
Raeli Oven 3000 Clay Bricks, 50 Copper Wire, 25 Moon Steel Sheeting, 20 Small Gears, 10 Bearings, 10 Cement, 10 Cut Stone, 10 Rope, 5 Crucibles, 5 Glass Pipes , 5 Medium Gears, 3 Iron Bars, 3 Shovel Blades, 2 Pinch Roller , 1 5000+ Quality Carpentry Blade, 1777 Kaeshra, Locust Tree, Spindle Tree Resin, or Pratyeka Tree Resin n/a SCS, on Clay Bed Oven used to create Raeli Tiles Tc: Raeli Pottery
Reactory 12 Cut Stone, 1 Iron Pot, 20 Leather, 240 Firebricks, 10 Small Topaz 17x17 CP A furnace used to create alloys Tc: Advanced Metallurgy
Reinforced Kiln 4 Serpentine Marble, 1000 Firebricks, 10 Sun Steel Sheeting: Insulative, Stainless, 50 Cut Stone 7x9 CP For firing Firebricks, Clay Bricks, Wet Jugs and Clay Mortars (capacity 30). Sk: Kiln Construction (2)
Ritual Torch 1 Boards, 1 Canvas (plus 1 Oil to light) Out Decorative torch used for Worship rituals. Sk: Ritual Item Construction (1)
Rock Saw 100 Boards, 500 Bricks, 12 Flint, 15 Leather, 100 Oil, 9 Rope 9x14 CP Saws Rocks Tc: Rock Saw Construction


Name Cost Size Where Brief Description Prerequisite
Sacrificial Bonfire 2500 Wood, 250 Oil, 1000 Firebricks, 1 Silver Bowl SCS, near an altar Required for Test of Vigil Ts: Test of the Vigil
Sawmill 4 Pinch Roller, 50 Steel Wire, 12 Steel Blade, 2 Cut Amethyst: Symmetry, 2 Cut Sunstone: Symmetry, 30 Cut Stone, 250 Raeli Tiles: White, 250 Raeli Tiles: Black, 1 Island Blue Marble, 12 Small Gears, 4 Medium Gears, 2 Large Gears 19x12 SCS, CP Used to cut wood into boards Ts: Carpentry Automation
Scent Lab 2400 Firebricks, 12 Copper Strap, 1 Brass Pot, 80 Cut Stone, 15 Tar 13x13 CP Used to manufacture Incense. Tc: Aromatics
Sculpture 100 Boards, 10 Rope, 4 Linen 17x21 Out, CP For art pieces. Ts: Principles of Art and Music
Serpentarium 4 Copper Sheeting, 4 Gold, 4 Sheet Glass, 30 Copper Wire, 40 Cut Stone, 50 Linen, 100 Concrete, 20 Aquamarine Paint, 30 Indian Red Paint, 12 Light Blue Paint, 15 Dark Green Paint SCS to raise Cobras Tc: Herpeculture
Sheep Pen 100 Boards, 1200 Bricks, 60 Dried Flax 29x48 SCS, on grass Basic building for the storage and breeding of Sheep. Sk: Animal Husbandry
Shrine of Conflict 70 Iron Bars, 70 Canvas, 70 Linen, 70 Glass Rods, 7000 Boards, 7000 Bricks, 70 Candle, 700 Limestone, 7 Oyster Shell Marble, 70 Silver, 70 Cut Stone, 7 Medium Topaz, 7 Medium Ruby, 7 Medium Diamond, 7 Medium Sapphire, 7 Medium Emerald, 7 Medium Quartz SCS For transportation to the Spirit Arena. Sk: Conflict Shrine Construction
Silkworm Farm 200 Nontoxic Boards, 25 Papyrus Paper, 50 Iron, 50 Sheet Glass, 10 Copper Sheeting, 1 Thermometer, 20 turquoise Paint, 20 pale turquoise Paint 11x11 CP For production of Raw silk Sk: Silkworm Farming (1)
Small Construction Site 1 Canvas, 4 Rope Out Basis for other buildings. Sk: Project Management (1)
Small Distaff 12 Boards, 100 Bricks, 10 Wood 10x15 Out*, CP For secondary processing of Flax products (Tow, Lint, Twine). Sk: Flax Processing
Small House 6 Oyster Shell Marble, 100 Rope, 150 Linen, 300 Ivory Paint, 1200 Concrete, 1400 Termite-resitant boards, 1400 Rotproof boards, 1400 Fireproof Boards, 2100 Nails SCS Personal Storage (capacity 60,000) Sk: Project Management + Finished 2 Architecture Tests
Small Warehouse 100 Boards, 1000 Bricks, 10 Cut Stone SCS Storage (capacity 25,000)
Star Rack 4 Copper Wire, 40 Boards, 4 Canvas 7x7 CP For creating pyrotechnic charges Ts: Test of Pyrotechnics
Steam Shovel 1500 Hard, Rotproof, Treated Boards, 100 Bolts, 100 Washers, 500 Water in Jugs, 100 Leather, 50 Small Gears, 250 Steel Wire, 200 Titanium Sheeting: Hard, Corrosion resistant, 100 Copper Sheeting: Stainless, 25 Iron Bars, 15 Medium Gears, 10 Lubricating Oil, 5 Thermometers, 1 Screw Gears SCS For digging up Cuttable Stones, Medium Stones, and Dirt Tc: Stone Automation
Stone Quarry 25 Slate, 15 Rope, 2 Pulley, 100 Bricks Out For extracting granite and marble. Sk: Rocks of the Ages
Storage Basket 8 Boards, 28 Dried Flax Out Storage (capacity 1000)
Student's Casting Box 24 Boards 200 Firebricks 400 Bricks 1200 Sand 15x20 CP Making stuff Sk: Casting
Student's Forge 24 Boards, 18 Firebricks, 48 Bricks 16x17 CP For Metalwork Sk: Blacksmithing
Student's Loom 8 Boards, 120 Twine 4x7 CP For weaving Linen, Canvas, Sail, Baskets and Silk Cloth. Sk: Clothwork
Sturdy Tub 6 Beeswax, 240 Bricks, 6 Canvas 7x13 CP Better quality tub.


Name Cost Size Where Brief Description Prerequisite
Tent 200 Boards, 80 Nails, 4 Canvas, 2 Linen, 12 Rope Out Storage (capacity 25,000) (T4 Capacity). Pass Arch initiation
True Kiln 48 Firebricks 7x9 CP For firing Firebricks, Wet Jugs and Clay Mortars (capacity 12). Sk: Kiln Construction
Thistle Garden 150 Dung, 250 Dirt, 15 Copper Straps, 70 Nails, 250 Rot-proof Termite Resistant Boards, 250 Rot-proof Nontoxic Boards n/a SCS Used to grow Thistles Thistle Gardening
Toxin Kitchen 2500 Bricks, 1000 Firebricks, 30 Glass Jars, 1 Thermometer, 50 Gold Wire, 1 Medium Sapphire 18x19 CP Production of mats for Cross Breeding Tc: Cross Breeding


Name Cost Size Where Brief Description Prerequisite
Vault Kiln 15000 Firebricks, 50 Sheet Glass, 3 Thermometer 10x13 CP Used for firing large clay objects Sk: Pottery
Vineyard 40 Boards, 12 Rope, 25 Nails Out To grow grapes for Wine. Tc: Viticulture


Name Cost Size Where Brief Description Prerequisite
Water Mine 24 Glass Pipe, 1 Large Gear, 4 Copper Straps, 12 Pulley Out, on shore For dredging Gems from under water. Tc: Water Mining
Wheat Silo 200 Boards, 20 Canvas Out Stores wheat Event: Reap What You Sow
Windproof Incense Burner (Long Lasting) 3 Glass Rods, 1 Huge Quartz, 3 Silver, 1 Copper Sheeting Out An outdoors long burn-length incense holder Tc: Aromatics
Windproof Incense Burner (Normal) 3 Glass Rods, 1 Large Quartz, 3 Silver, 1 Copper Sheeting Out An outdoors normal burn-length incense holder Tc: Aromatics
Wine Barrel 1 Small Barrel, 6 Boards, 50 Nails 7x7 CP Used to make Wine from grapes. Tc: Viticulture
Wood Plane 4 Slate, 1 Stone Blade Out, CP Early building for making Boards. Sk: Carpentry
Wood Treatment Tank 20 Steel, 25 Copper Strap, 35 Glass Pipe, 1 Thermometer 34x25 CP Creates Treated Boards Tc: Wood Treatment

Building Page Guidelines

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List Guidelines

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  • Name: The name of the building when you try to build it or click on it in the game.
  • Cost: The cost of the building, briefly, for quick reference.
  • Size: The size of the building when built inside a compound.
  • Where: How the building is built:
    • CP = inside a Compound
    • Out = Self > Projects menu
    • Out* = Self > Projects menu, but only by a Peasant
    • SCS = Small Construction Site
    • MCS = Medium Construction Site
    • ACS = Aqueduct Construction Site
  • Brief Description: Just some comment about it, in case people don't want to load the individual pages.
  • Prerequisite: What you need to have to build
    • Sk = Skill
    • Tc = Tech
    • Ts = Test (started, not passed)

Building Names

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    • The authoritative form is the name you get when you click on the completed building "This is a Foo."
    • If you think "Ore Inferno" should link to "oreinferno," others probably agree. Add a page that REDIRECTS Ore Inferno to oreinferno using the Formatting rules.
    • If you think "Ore Infernos" and "oreinfernos" and "inferno" and "infernos" should all link there too, since people will want to link with singular and plurals, or any other kinds of things similar to this, others probably agree. Add a page that REDIRECTS those pages to oreinferno, using the Formatting rules.
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