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If you have any issues with this Wiki, please post in #wiki-editing on Discord or contact Brad in-game.

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Egypt time currently is: end of times (T5 completed)
Real time finder:

Welcome to A Wiki in the Desert, a wiki for the Massively Multiplayer On-line Role-Playing Game A Tale in the Desert.

This wiki exists to document the game and to provide a community scratchpad for the players. You can find Guides on things such as growing Flax, an Atlas of interesting places, and various personal pages created by the Users and Guilds. If you're looking to buy and sell, try Trading. Visit the community portal for lots of info on current events, debates on the forums, or just random chatter. These links and many more can be found in the wiki sidebar to the left.

Anyone with an ATITD game account can edit any page on this site, but you have to first log in. Please read the user's guide and information on formatting to see how to edit, and read our Policies before editing. Politics are not welcome (exception: Users pages, but no personal attacks please) and, if you want to discuss something such as laws, you'll find the forums more suitable. If you have any difficulties, please ask around in game or contact a wiki admin.

If you have a suggestion for how to improve the wiki software, please add it to the Suggestions page. If you have a suggestion for improving the content, please just go ahead and do it! If you want to contribute but don't know how, start creating missing pages listed here, or verify the information in pages containing unchecked content copied from the T4 wiki.

We also have a voice chat server set up for Mumble.


Tale V has officially ended. (December 1, 2011)
Tale VI is scheduled to begin on Saturday, December 3, at 12:00 Noon EST (GMT-0500).

There is a semi-unedited transcript of Amnesty at
Unfortunately logging was not working properly during the event, so thanks to the participants who recorded and submitted what they had!

Tale VI is coming!

From: [email protected]
Date: Thu 10/27/11 11:33 PM

Citizens of Egypt,

I'm writing to announce the final month of A Tale in the Desert V, the wrap-up of our experiment with ATITD shards, and the launch of A Tale in the Desert VI. We'll kick all of this off with a Welcome Back Weekend and a traditional ATITD Halloween event. The fun will start:

Friday, Oct 28, beginning at 12:00 Noon EST (GMT-0500)

Werewolves in Egypt is a version of the party game known as Werewolf/Mafia/Assassin, adapted to a massively multiplayer environment. We'll play this starting:

Saturday, Oct 29, beginning at 12:00 Noon EST (GMT-0500)

Those that sign up to play (by building a Mortuary Temple) are randomly split into Werewolves and Villagers. The game proceeds in night-day rounds of 15 minutes each. During night rounds, werewolves are active. They may:

- Sniff a Mortuary Temple to get a fellow player's scent (3x/night) - Attack a player who's scent they have already gotten (1x/night)

During day rounds villagers are active. They may:

- Vote to lynch a suspected werewolf. Villagers get 7 votes per day, and can place them all on one werewolf, or spread them around.

A few Villagers are also Seers. Seers have the ability to tell who is a werewolf, and they may use this special ability 4x/day. Prizes will be distributed to the winning team - if Villagers win, prizes are based on how many Werewolves each Villager helped lynch. If the Werewolves win, then prizes are based on how many Villagers each Werewolf helped kill. This event is an absolute blast - don't miss it! We're running a number of other events this weekend as well - check the in-game calendar for Decathlon, Reflection, Tug and other "conflict" contests.

As some of you know, we tried an experiment with "shards" of A Tale in the Desert IV, based on the theory that MMORPGs have a "Dunbar's Number" - a specific number of players that they tend to cluster around, due to game design coupled with how our brains work in keeping track of friendships. If the Dunbar's Number hypothesis is true, and the effect strong, then a way to grow ATITD would be to create many shards, each of which would stabilize at the "natural" size for ATITD's design. This wasn't just blind speculation: various Tellings of ATITD have tended to stay around 1500 users for a long time, and our Bastet shard remained at about 500 users for some time. However, subscribers to Bastet did then decline significantly, and so I think it's time to wrap up our "shard" experiment. Tale IV Bastet will conclude concurrently with Tale V, and existing accounts for both games will transition to Tale VI. Starting next week, and for the final month, Tale IV Bastet will be a free-to-play game, and any monuments that are successfully completed will become full Tests in Tale VI.

Finally, mark your calendars - A Tale in the Desert VI will begin:

Saturday, December 3, Beginning at 12:00 Noon EST (GMT-0500)

I'll have more details closer to the launch.

Evening on the Nile, Teppy (Pharaoh)

Egypt-Wide Chat Channels

To chat with all Egypt in game, type /join egypt into the chat box.

To access BAZAAR, a trading channel, type /join BAZAAR into the chat box.

To access a player run event and educational information channel, type /join speed. This channel is still getting up and running.

All of these Channels are player run and, by design of the game developers, require a player to put each message sent to them through. Messages sent to these channels can take anywhere from a few seconds to a few hours to display, if posted at all, due to the design of the interface.

Please note that TFT (Troll Free Trades)has been closed. Please use BAZAAR for all trading

How to Log In

Note that only people with T5 accounts can log into and edit the wiki. Anyone can read the wiki without an account.

The ATitD wiki uses OpenID to manage login accounts, allowing you to use the same user name in the game, in the forums, and on the wiki without setting up additional accounts. You can find login instructions on the OpenID page.

If you have problems logging in, please come to #atitd-wiki in IRC, or contact Nchanter or Rogarian in-game or by forum PM.


Player meet 2011 August 19 - 21 2011

Rare Moves Acro Event starting Feb 26th

Cats have arrived in Egypt: See the Cats page.

For other events see the Events page.


  • Community portal front page
  • Forums
  • Mumble voice chat and who's online?
  • IRC: #atitd on
  • Web based IRC client (goes to #atitd on Sorcery.Net by default)
  • Player Information Player Information Voluntary Player Contact Information for sharing, information, contacting you if you go missing. Only players can access editing, but anyone can see your email. Therefore it is highly recommended that you integrate a new email address into whatever mail service you have that is solely for atitd. But don't make it one of those ones that you NEVER check, or what's the point?

Information from Tale 4

If you copy information directly from an old Tale, make sure you tag the page with the {{T4}} template so that it is clear that the information needs checking!

Also, as we clean up these pages please use T5ok small.gif {{5ok}} to mark specific information as having been verified. Information that still needs to be verified should be marked with T5N.gif {{5}}. Once all information has been marked with one of these, the T4 banner can be removed from the heading of the page, helping eliminate confusion. (See the Skills page for an example.)


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