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Ancient Mechanics/Amunet

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Ancient Mechanics
University of Architecture
Level Required ?
Lessons Required ?
Opened In
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Research Costs
Pincher Claws 40
Pincher Axle 20
Oil 50000
Lubricating Oil 500
Bearings 2000
Large Gears 50
Medium Gears 25
Iron Bars 500
Thoth's Metal: Stainless Hard Strontium-Plated Purity 6+ 100
Octec's Alloy Cable 250
Gearbox A129-A166 E402-E482 G188-G239 2
Gearbox B466-B564 E61-E76 H196-H245 2
Gearbox A70-A84 E248-E310 H246-H317 2
Gearbox B395-B498 D88-D112 G27-G34 2
Gearbox A146-A175 E283-E340 H364-H451 2
Gearbox A362-A442 D253-D306 H469-H563 2
Gearbox A237-A284 D96-D117 H158-H194 2
Gearbox B159-B204 D172-D220 H109-H133 2
Gearbox A44-A53 E412-E515 H171-H222 2
Gearbox B465-B586 D188-D229 H39-H48 2
Technology Research

Research Required to List:
Advanced Automation

Research Needed for Materials:
Basic Metal Treatment

Research Possible After Opening:

Total # of Req. Techs ?


Allows the construction of automatons for dragging tooth limestone blocks.