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Size N/A
Where Outside


A Bonfire is used for general wood storage and for the (inefficient) production of charcoal.

A Bonfire may also be used in the Festival of Ra.


This building becomes available with Controlled Burn technology, as mentioned in System channel:

2010-08-23 22:21:49 Telanoc here...
2010-08-23 22:21:55 If you have the Controlled Burn technology you can construct bonfires! In addition to storing wood, you can use them to produce a small amount of charcoal. Have a good day.


Built Outside.


Bonfires are commonly used for wood storage. As their size is dependent on how much wood is in them, it's advisable to put them in an area where they can grow. If you accidentally light one on fire, tearing it down immediately will recover all the wood.

T3: To bake bread, start with a bonfire of 105 wood. Let burn to 0, then add the bread. Stoke with 1 wood and 1 water, repeated 30-400 times.


As of T5, we can once again use bonfires to create Charcoal. However, the payoff seems to be extremely limited. It appears yield is based on a very simple formula of #wood/10 = #cc, with any remainder dropped. So, 10 wood will produce 1 cc, as will 11, 12, ... 19. 20-29 will produce 2 cc. And so on.

Here are some observed yields:

# wood cc yield
7 0
10 1
14 1
20 2
30 3
35 3
42 4
49 4
56 5
63 6
100 10
250 25

Initial experiments with stoking indicate that it does NOT increase charcoal yield. In fact, it seems that the starting amount of wood determines the output regardless of amount of stoking. So if you start a 20 wood fire and stoke with 2 wood fifty times, you still get 2 cc and are throwing 100 wood away.