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Vegetable Seeds

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Vegetable seeds (used, obviously, to grow vegetables) are obtained at any University of Worship once Agriculture is researched and you have subscribed. Trial accounts can only get seeds from other players.

For paid accounts, each different University of Worship will offer 4 vegetable seeds of a random variety (Cabbage, Carrots, Garlic, Leeks, or Onions).


In general, and unlike flax, growing vegetables will leave you with exactly as many seeds as when you started. Successfully harvesting a vegetable will give you your seed back, and killing a vegetable plant (either through lack of water or overwatering) will leave a seed behind on the ground. You need never worry about running out of vegetable seeds -- though of course you can only work as many simultaneous beds as you have seeds.

Reproducing vegetable seeds -- getting more seeds back from a harvest -- is a continuing puzzle. The method is different for each vegetable, and always changes from Tale to Tale. At present in Tale 5, although some players have accidentally managed to harvest extra seeds, no repeatable method has yet been discovered for any of the vegetables. Discussion of vegetable seed reproduction can be found on the Vegetables page.

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