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Bulk 1
Weight 1

Grown on grass from Cabbage Seeds.

How to obtain:

  • Plant Cabbage Seeds in a grassy area. Water it immediately, and water it again each time it changes size. Harvest once the option appears.

Research and Tuition


Consuming grilled cabbage provides +2 to speed.
Food for beetles in a beetle terrarium.


The yield of cabbage is yet to be determined (in t4 it was based on location)


Gwyr - 1 per harvest in AC1
RosieRazor - 23 per harvest at 5072, -2094 in Maia (0-1 per harvest near UThought in AC1)
Shiranai - 11 per harvest at 3470, 3855 Sinai
Tyndral - 15 per harvest at 800, -1048 Sterope
SKY - 28 per harvest at 4622, -2065 Sterope (don't know how to put data on map)

Yields by position
Red = yields 1
Orange = yields 2
Yellow = yields 3-4
Green = yields 5-9
Blue = yields 10-19
Purple = yields 20++

Cabbage Bonus Towers


Seed Production

There have been no reports that cabbage seeds can be produced yet in T5

Public Facilities

Public Kitchen at 23 cabbage spot in Sterope 4955, -2070, at the Beetles Under Glass (BUG) cabbage farm

See also

The general vegetable page, as well as Leeks, Carrots, Cucumbers, Eggplant, Garlic, Onions, Peppers.

Required By

Cooking, Essential Extract, Grilled Food, Test of Towers

Produced By