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Camels are a form of livestock kept in Dromedary Pens. They are acquired through luring them from the wild by leaving straw in a pen. Camels can be butchered to yield camel meat, oil and leather. Alive, they consume straw and produce dung. In addition, female camels can be induced to produce camel milk.

T5N.gifA Camel eats 120 straw per Egyptian day. All the camels in a pen eat 10 straw at the same time. Note that if there is not enough straw to feed all the camels, none of them will eat. In T4, it appeared that camels could survive for at least 10 real-time days without feeding. In T5 you will get a message that the camels look "emaciated" after 5-7 Egyptian days without feeding. After that, you will get a message that your camels are "starving"

It appears that camels now eat on a random schedule. Sometimes on or near the Egyptian hour, and sometimes on or near the half-hour.

Camels require a Dromedary Pen to capture and keep. Dromedary pens must be built outside on sand.

Attracting Camels

Every day (Egypt Time) at midnight (also Egypt Time), a single camel is provided to the open pen with the most straw in each section of Egypt (narrowed down to chunks smaller than chariot regions, possibly 1k coord squares). If you do attract a camel, the amount of straw in the pen will become 0. The sex of the camel appears to be random.

Opening the pen door to catch a second wild camel will not result in the first camel escaping and wandering away.


You can slaughter a camel to receive:

T5ok small.gifCamels will produce dung at a rate of 1 dung for every 10 straw consumed.

T5ok small.gifGiven a taste of honey they may produce Camel Milk.

T5ok small.gifWhen 10 of the same gender (all 10 are male or female) are housed together, they produce one male or female Camel Pheromone every four Egyptian days.

Camels in a pen occasionally reproduce. I have found 11 camels in a pen, where one had been attracted in and one was born.

Produced By

Dromedary Pen

Required By

Camel Meat, Camel Milk, Dung, Leather, Oil