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Carpentry Blade

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Carpentry blades are wide metal blades installed in a Carpentry Shop to enable the cutting of boards and the making of special tools. Blades are made on an Anvil, and like all products made with Blacksmithing, each has its own quality rating from 0 to 9999.

A carpentry blade requires 1 metal to make; this metal can be iron, copper, brass, or steel. Carpentry blades are probably the easiest products to shape on an anvil, and are certainly the cheapest.

Carpentry blades eventually wear out as they are used to cut boards. Higher quality blades will last longer. A blade must be of quality 3000 or higher to be used in a Carpentry Shop.

The classic reference for making a 7k+ carp blade in 23 hits is shown at the The Lollipop Guild's CarpGuide page.

An alternate, animated guide is available from the Tale IV Coastal Plains Guild.

Below is some research on exactly how long certain quality blades lasted in use. These prove that boards per blade has a random element (the first two blades were exactly 3000q and planed significantly different numbers of boards). In general, better quality blades plane more boards. In a narrow range there will be anomolies does to the random element in the function determining how many boards a blade will last for. --Narafeti

Quality - Boards

  • 3000(1) - 131
  • 3000(2) - 114
  • 3509 - 215
  • 3785 - 237
  • 4731 - 306
  • 5556 - 395
  • 6000 - 444
  • 6502 - 516
  • 6555 - 518
  • 7000 - 555
  • 7168 - 574
  • 7353 - 619
  • 7500 - 611
  • 7609 - 721