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Chocolate is a special food obtained as gifts during special events. A basic definition of the chocolate would that it is "portable herb stacker". All the chocolates last 3 minutes and the duration resets back to 3 minutes after you eat herbs.

Base Effect

  • The base effect is added to the ChocoStack effect.
Chocolate Date Jumbles - +2 end (I've got +3 end on this jan. 25 2010. ~McArine)(also got +3 end -Solaris)
Chocolate Lemon Jellies - +2 con (got +3 con -Solaris)
Chocolate Wine Cordials - +2 foc
Chocolate Caramel Pyramid - +2 str
Chocolate Coconut Wafers - +3 speed T5ok small.gif
Chocolate Nougat Squares - +2 per
Chocolate Peanut Cluster - +2 dex
Chocolate Grape Cordials - +5 str
Chocolate Covered Ants - +2 end +2 spd T5ok small.gif

Chocolates From 2009 Presents

  • These may behave differently than previous chocolates.
Chocolate Cinnamon Meltaways - "Stangely, although the chocolate tasted good, it didn't seem to have any effect."
Chocolate Heart - +2 Dex/Str
Chocolate Orange Chews - +2 Con
Chocolate Wine Cordials - +3 Foc