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Normal cornerstones

Cornerstones are needed to make a compound stand permanently. If a compound has no cornerstone installed, it will deteriorate and you will have to make regular repairs to it.

Cornerstones can only be installed if the compound ist in perfect shape.

They are initially automatically given to paid accounts. Thereafter, a cornerstone is given after 6 months and 12 months of play. Other ways of obtaining a cornerstone include buying a 12 month pre paid account (though, note, You do not receive "additional" cornerstones this way, only that your 6month and 12month cornerstones become available immediately).

Portable cornerstones

Portable cornerstones are objects that can be traded, dropped, put in chests, etc. They are not personal to anyone. As long as they are 'unused', they remain in this state. If you have a portable cornerstone and you want to put it in your compound, follow these steps:

  1. have the portable cornerstone in your inventory (carry it)
  2. click on self (or press Esc) and go to Special menu
  3. choose option Use extra cornerstone
  4. click on the compound, go to Ownership menu
  5. select Install cornerstone

Please note that after step 3, the portable cornerstone becomes a normal one. From that moment on, you cannot trade it or store it, it is your personal cornerstone from that moment on.

Portable cornerstones can be obtained by winning tournaments or by participating in special events. If portable cornerstones can be won, this is usually stated in the description of those special events/tournaments. Or you can trade for them of course, with people who have them.

More info about cornerstones

How do I see my cornerstones?

You can see your personal cornerstones in the Special menu (click on self or press Esc). Click on the Show my cornerstones option. It will give a panel with info of your cornerstone locations (if you have installed any) and your unused cornerstones.

Can I remove a cornerstone from a building?

Yes. Again, click on the building, go to the Ownership menu and select the appropriate option. This should also work for guilded compounds that you put your cornerstone in. Not sure how it works if you are no longer in the guild that owns the compound.