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Emerald Green Glass Torch

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A Torch made of a medium sized gemstone and glass that is used as decoration around a camp. It can be filled with oil and lit for a period time to burn with a decorative light. They are also used as part of the Test of Festivals.


There are 5 types of Glass Torches each using a different gemstone in their construction. These are the torches and their construction cost.


Any of the types of glass torches may be built anywhere as decoration. They are not built inside a compound. They are filled with 10 Oil and can be lit and will burn for a period of time before going out.

Note: A Torch can not be picked up after it has been built, but can be moved, or torn down which will destroy the torch.


To build any of the torchs requires that one have the Camp Decoration First Degree skill which may be purchased at a School of Art and Music.