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Festival of Ra.

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To please Ra, you must light seven bonfires, each containing at least 7000 wood, around a Spirit Brasier. Burn five spirits of a particular type in the brasier and sacrifice an ambrosia of flavored wine and dates at the brasier.

Determining Requirements

Directions presume you are facing the statue

  1. Person A puts a Medium Quartz on the right pillar
  2. Person B puts a Medium Quartz on the left pillar
  3. Person A puts a Medium Topaz on the right focus
  4. Person B puts a Medium Topaz on the left focus
  5. Person A meditates
  6. Person B meditates


Spirit Brasier

First, build or find a Spirit Brasier. Note that a Festival of Ra does not require an altar. The spirits specified in your requirements will be burned in the brasier during the ritual, and you will also use it to sacrifice your ambrosia.


Next, there need to be seven bonfires each containing a minimum of 7000 wood built in a circle around your spirit brasier. Keeping in mind that wood will be burned during the ritual, and the bonfires must never fall below 7000 wood while people are still sacrificing their ambrosias. Bring along some water and heavily douse the fires so they burn slower. Salvage the bonfires as soon as your group has finished their sacrificing to get back as much wood as possible.


Next, get 5 spirits of whatever type you need, or make sure that someone at your Ra festival site will have it. One set of five spirits of the kind you need will probably work for all the people present at your site who need the same kind of spirit, if you are organized properly. The spirits are burned in the brasier and will last for about two minutes - plenty of time for many people to sacrifice their ambrosias.

Though there are many types of spirits that can be made, Ra only seems to ask for Mineral, Fruit, Grain, and Wood spirits.


Finally, find your wine and make a wine/date ambrosia. In addition to being your randomly selected flavor, the wine must be at least two vintages old and contain at least 10% alcohol.

  • "10% alcohol" means that the wine has to be made with grapes that have at least 10 Residual Sugar (though this is the bare minimum and would take a long time to ferment in the barrel).
  • "Vintage" refers to the in-game season during which the grapes were harvested. The vintage changes roughly every 10 real-life days.

Like the beers in other festival types, the wine may contain extra flavors. For example, "Hazelnut Apple Raspberry" wine would satisfy a "Hazelnut" requirement.

Please note: making your own wine at the last minute is not possible because of the aging necessary to meet the requirements (about a month to make the wine and age it long enough for the vintage requirement and up to three months of aging for some flavors).

Ambrosia is made at a kitchen with the Ambrosia Brewing skill and takes 10 minutes.


  1. Set up seven bonfires of more than 7000 wood each around the Spirit Brasier. Light them. Water them constantly to slow down the rate of wood burn (they can't be put out).
  2. Burn your 5 spirits in the brasier. The spirits will burn for two minutes.
  3. Click on the brasier and sacrifice your ambrosia when the correct spirits are burning (multiple people may use the brasier with one set of spirits).
  4. Tear down the bonfires to stop the burning before you lose too much wood.

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