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These flowers are currently known:

Getting Flowers

You may request one flower bulb of each type (one Sea Lily and one Rose of Ra) per character at any University of Worship that has researched the required techs (Horticulture for lilies, Xenobotany for roses) if you have learned Horticulture (and possibly Advanced Horticulture for roses).

If you want any additional varieties, you'll have to trade for them. Some flowers (including all Sand Blooms and some roses/lilies) cannot be gotten from the Universities at all; they come to us through various events and must be traded.


Want more flowers or different sizes/colors? You can reproduce the varieties you have through fertilization. You can fiddle with your flowers' genetics to produce new strains with Crossbreeding and also Mutagenics.

If you purchase the Botanist's Touch skill, you will be able to uproot any flower you own. Any fertilizations accrued will be lost.