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Fly Fishing

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Improved for Tale 5

The method of fishing has changed in Tale 5.

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Taught at the School of the Human Body. Multi-level skill


Level School Requires Allows
1 Body 16 Thread, 1 Sharpened Stick Allows you to build a fly fishing rod



Allows you to build a Basic Fly Rod. You will also receive one free rod upon learning the skill from the school.

If a fishing pole is in inventory a new action icon will appear when near bodies of water.

In order to fish, you need lures, which are made from insects using the Fly Tying skill.

Fishing Results

Once you have a lure on your rod, and you cast, the messages you can get are:

  • No fish bit. Try different lures and locations.
  • You didn't catch anything. Try different lures and locations.
  • You almost caught an odd fish, but you were too late recognizing the bite.
  • You almost caught an unusual fish, but you were not quick enough.
  • You almost caught a strange fish, but this rod was just too clumbsy.
  • Caught a (qty) deben (fish type)

There is also a random chance you will be told "You also lost your lure.". If you catch a fish, it will NOT necessarily cost a lure.

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