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Glass Products

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A Glazier's Bench can hold one of three types of glass:

Glass Type Melting Point Working Temp Ingredients
Soda Glass 3200° 1600–2400° 1 Lime, 2 Soda, 10 Sand
Normal Glass 3200° 1600–2400° 1 Lime, 2 Potash, 10 Sand
Jewel Glass 4400° 1600–2400° 1 Lime, 2 Potash, 10 White Sand

One type of ingredients set is heated to high temperature to produce melted glass of the desired type. The melted glass can later be formed to the various end products. It takes 1 deben of glass to create 1 item, except where noted otherwise.

Soda Glass Products

Normal Glass Products

Jewel Glass Products


Making a Mirror can be done in any glazier's bench. It doesn't matter what type of glass is smelted in it, or how much of it. The bench has to be heated above 5000 degrees. To make a mirror you must have 200 Silver Powder and 1 Sheet Glass in your inventory. Sheet glass in the bench do not count, so you have to let the bench cool down and take the sheet glass out before making a mirror.

NOTE: Various glass products can be placed in a Glory Hole, and converted to advanced resources. See the Glassblowing Guide for details.

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