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In the late evening and the wee hours of the Egyptian morning (and, in some cases, in broad daylight), mushroom spawns will pop up in many locations, during which time they are free for the taking. These spawns will vanish a few in-game hours after appearing. There are over two dozen varieties of mushroom. All are useful in Cooking, and some have other uses beyond eating. For instance, they are also used in Botanical Identification tuition costs.

Most mushrooms are found growing in the wild between 02:00 am and 06:00 am game time, however, there are some mushrooms that spawn during the 'daylight' and early evening hours. They have fixed spawn and despawn times. Most mushrooms will stay up for an hour and a half gametime before despawning. See the table below for spawn and despawn times.

All mushrooms are mildly poisonous, but cooking removes the toxins. The Test of the Darkest Night allows Egyptians to train their bodies to safely eat raw mushrooms, building their Constitution in the process.

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An alternative tool to the shroom dar, this application also lets you animate the mushrooms over time among other things.

Mushroom Spawn Theories

Mushroom Varieties

Mushroom pictures in an overview from Tale 3
times below are in 24hr format (2:00 is 14:00)

Mushroom Terrain Approx Spawn Approx Despawn Sightings Misc
Acorn's Cap Near water 2:48 4:18 Everywhere in Egypt Usually small groups, common
Beehive Maia 7:30 10:00 Semi-regular spawn near -100, 400
Bleeding Hand Slopes of mountains, rocky outcrops 3:24 4.54 Mountain range west of CS, Maia - Between UoT & UoA near river, Celaeno Common
Brain Found on Rocky or Dirt hills 2:18 4:53 FB, at 4391 -1598 - Between UoT & UoA near river, Celaeno Migrate
Camels Mane Grass, hilly areas 2:00 3:30 Everywhere in Egypt Common
Carrion Grassy Terrain 16:30 18:00 Despawns at 6
Cat Nip Mountains, similar to Brain 2:24 4:53 Migrate
Cobra Hood Mountains 3:36 5:06 Everywhere in Egypt Common
Colt's Foot 2:15 3:40 a small patch in Taygete -723 4667
Mountains around Keyhole lake in Maia
Dead Tongue Always near water 2:48 4:18 Maia East Nile, lakes due east of CS Common
Dueling Serpents On sand 2:26 3:54 Alcyone (2609, 2063)
Maia deserts (2759, -204 and 4282 -769)
Dung Rot Sand 2:06 3:36
Earth Light Mountain rocks 2:30 4:06 Mountain range northwest of keyhole lake(?coords?), also in Taygete at -723 4667, also in SW in the mountain hills west of the cs 1452, 3619 Migrate
Eye of Osiris Wide, flat grass areas 4:00 5:30 Maia, 5,-5588, -14, 5533
Falcon's Bait Grass 6:00 7:29 2062 -6650
Fish Hook Grass 3:12 4:42 North and west of Pacman Lake in Maia, 255 -2622 Common
Golden Sun Can spawn on grass, rock and sand. Spawns near cliffs. 15:06 16:35 widespread sites in Taygete Semi-regular spawn in -2360, 2700
Hairy Tooth On grass and near water 3:12 4:42 Taygete, in the very east of the Nile Delta and west of the Nile Delta Common
Heart of Ash Grass plains 3:48 5:18 Southern Maia, also east of Pacman Lake 1778 -7239,1738 -7160, 1571 -7316 Spawn in 7s, Migrate
Heaven's Torrent On islands and peninsulas along the Red Sea 2:30 4:05 Migrate
Iron Knot Slopes of mountains/rocky terrain 3:36 5:06 Maia 2921 -5457; Taygete 1099, 6330; 1036, 6297 Common
Nature's Jug Open spaces and desert 2:46 4:17 Maia east desert; Taygete Papy Mt S side Migrate
Nefertari's Crown Hilly, rocky or grass areas. 2:12 3:42 Migrate. Several small spread out spawns. Often ong other mushroom types.
Nile Fire Coastal 10:30 12:00 Despawns at 12. seen at -2000, 3500; -850, -1850 2825 1463 II 4311 -688
Peasant's Foot Grass plains 3:48 5:17 Maia, 213 -2828, 1816 -7043, 1624 -6960. 1001 -7243 Migrate
Pool of Tranquility sand 2:06 3:36 Red Sea approx 2350 3250
Ra's Awakening Sandy and grassy areas(rough terrain) 3:00 4:30 SE Maia, -2270 -2839 West Sterope Batches of 2
Razor's Edge On or near steep cliffs 2:46 4:17
Salt Water Fungus On islands and peninsulas along the Red Sea 2.30 4.05
Sand Spore Sand, deserts 2:26 3:54 Sterope (2643, -183), Maia
1878, -29
Spawn in pairs
Scorpion's Brood Mountains and rocky terrain 2:36 4:06 419,-4532 Maia, in mountains around Keyhole Common
Slave's Bread Large Sandy Hills 3:00 4:30 East Sterope near edge of map, north of road to CS
Spiderling Hilly terrain, typically on grass or rock, but occasionally on sand near rock 18:00 19:30 preferably near sandy areas -2236, -343 Celaneno
Sun Star 12:00 13:30 Western Desert. Look at description page for good locations
Toad Skin Mountains and hills 2:00 3:30 Mountain range south of cp Alcyone

Comments moved from Mushrooms page

  • camel's mane disappears at 3:30am

  • found a ton of Carrion Mushrooms at -331, 7661 in Merope (between SThought & SHarmony south of the road) - looks like they're up starting at 5:00 pm (maybe earlier) and definitely ending at 6:00 pm.

  • Nile Fire Mushrooms - found in a patch of 10 at 11:40am. Probably starts at 11:00am; found lots at 2368, 2821 in Aicyone before 11:30am.

  • Falcon's Bait despawn at 7:30 AM. Found in groups of 3 on grass. Found ~60 Yr 1, Akhet I-24, in Maia 420, -6674, all over the hills in that area.
  • Dead Tongue despawn 4:18 AM
  • Heaven's Torrent despawn at 4:05am