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Herb Seeds

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Herb Seeds are found occasionally (roughly 10% of the time) as a bonus on successful attempts at foraging Herbs. You will need the Foraging skill to forage the herbs, and the Herbiculture technology to find the seeds.

The seeds can be planted to grow more herbs of the same type; however, herb seeds will only grow near aqueduct towers in specific areas of Egypt. If the herb seed type, or the location, is wrong, you will get a message after a few second that the location is not hospitable, and the seed will disappear.

Herb seeds will grow to full harvest in 3 1/2 minutes. At 4 1/2 minutes, the plant will die with 0 harvest. Harvesting immediately after planting at the appropriate tower for that harvesting method will result in a harvest of 1 herb.

Possible herb growth appears to change on 256 x 256 boundaries.

Herbs grown from seeds do not count as fresh for test of the ritual tattoo. - tutmault

Herb Aqueduct Towers

Harvesting Type Coordinates Notes
Squeeze out the sap Sterope 1430, -1263 Works through 1320, -1038
Scrape off the stem pith Celaeno -2780, 1037
Remove the tap root Celaeno -2979, 1281 Grow north of the fence
Pluck the Leaves Taygete 1270, 3238
Scrape away the leaf hairs Sinai 3081, 4882
Cut away the outer stem Sterope 780, 485
Trim the Root Fibers Merope -2327, 6410

Coordinates Tested

Sterope Herb Coordinate Grid page:

List grids tested by their West and South 256 boundary, i.e. if testing -1280 through -1024, 0 through 256, enter -1280, 0.

Harvesting Type West Boundary South Boundary
Remove the Tap Root -3072 1280
Scrape off the Stem Pith -2816 1280
None -3072 1024
None -2816 1024
None -3072 768
None -2816 768
None -2560 512
None -2816 512
None -2560 256
None -2816 256
None 1024 5632
None 1024 5120
None 768 5632
None 256 5120
None 256 5376
None 256 5632

Required By

Mutagenics Lab

Produced By

Messages you get when a planting doesn't work

Planting near a tower, and waiting gives Main menu Message "The ecology here must not be hospitable to Fool's Agar. The herb just as it sprouts". (Clicking/harvesting the herb before it dies gives a popup message saying it dies, no main panel message).