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Metal Salts

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Metal salts are produced in an Acid Bath. You will need the Neutralization tech to construct and use the acid bath.

Combine 1 Acid, 1 Potash, 25 Water in Jugs (does not consume the jugs) and 7 of the appropriate metal in the acid bath to begin the process.

Note: You must be holding some sort of metal in your inventory to see the option to make salts.

As the acid reacts with the metal over time, precipitate will be generated. The longer the metal soaks in the acid, the more precipitate (and salts) will be produced; however, the rate at which additional salts are created diminishes with time. To take the salts, you need to Filter the Precipitate. This filters the metal salts from the bath, and ends the process. The salts are then available on the Bath's Take menu.

Not sure how long it takes, but 28 salts is the max you'll get from a single bath. ~Cegaiel

  • This is not true, at least not on Bastet. My iron has been sitting in the bath for over a day and it's up to 29 ~AdrianConrad
  • I have personally witnessed quantities of salts above 70 from a single bath after a month (or several?) of setting the baths to work (and forgetting about them). There may be a limit, but it's well over 28. ~ Myn 03:47, 9 July 2010 (EST)



  • Various metal salts are used in the production of stars for the Test of Pyrotechnics.
  • Salts Of Iron are used to make Ink.
  • Metal salts are used to plate (and purify) Treated Metal in a Chemical Bath.
  • 7 Salts of each metal (15) needed to upgrade Gliders with colors

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Acid Bath