The Wiki for Tale 5 is in read-only mode and is available for archival and reference purposes only. Please visit the current Tale 11 Wiki in the meantime.

If you have any issues with this Wiki, please post in #wiki-editing on Discord or contact Brad in-game.


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General Policies

The wiki is a very open medium, allowing any player to edit any page. However, there are a few policies to help keep things running smoothly:

  • Politics are not welcome on the wiki. Political and other heated discussions should be conducted elsewhere. The wiki is for collaborative research and information sharing. The Users and Guilds pages are excepted from this rule, but personal attacks will not be tolerated, and may be considered abuse.
  • While we do allow anonymous edits, we discourage their use, and note that username and IP is still recorded in web server logs, accessible only to admins.
  • Should a user repeatedly make malicious edits (deleting page content, personal attacks, etc.), they will be contacted by a wiki editor in-game. If they persist, or the account in unreachable (quit/expired account), the wiki editors may ban the user from making further edits.
  • On user pages as on all pages, please edit with respect but if the owner asks you not to edit their user page you must stop. If there is a dispute about the content of a user page please contact a wiki admin.
  • On guild pages as on all pages, please edit with respect but if an elder of the guild asks you not to edit their guild pages you must stop. If there is a dispute about the content of a guild page please contact a wiki admin.
  • If there is a dispute on a guild page between elders of the guild (or if there is no real guild in game and hence no real elders) and an edit/wiki war starts then that guild will no longer be excepted from the no Politics rule.

Shard Namespace Guide

  • The first shard of the appropriate telling is the main shard of the wiki. All root pages should refer to the main shard.
  • Any information which refers solely to any shard other than the main shard should be placed a sub-page named after the shard. E.g. the Bastet version of Foraging should be at Foraging/Bastet. This means any Bastet page should have the same path as the equivalent main shard page with "/Bastet" added at the end.
  • If other shard versions of a page exist but the main shard version of a page does not exist, then please create a stub article for the main shard.
  • All pages which have multiple shard versions should include links to all other versions at the top of the page.
  • People will make mistakes implementing this policy. If anyone who has the ability to edit sees something which does not follow this policy it is both their responsibility and right to fix it.