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Raeli color

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  • Raeli Oven - Taygete 994, 6066 - Owner Tribble Valley Association (MrIgnem/MrStoned)
000m00s - White
002m00s - Snow
006m00s - White Smoke
007m40s - Linen
010m35s - Misty Rose
013m15s - Gainsboro
018m05s - Light Grey
021m30s - Thistle
027m00s - Silver
028m25s - Tan
039m00s - Rosy Brown
048m35s - Feldspar
052m10s - Indian Red
066m35s - Sienna
081m40s - Saddle Brown
098m45s - Dark Olive Green
100m30s - Dark Slate Grey - approx
107m50s - Black