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Rare Moves Acro Event

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The Outcome

During the event, 57 acrobat masters were created! The event ran for the full 24 hours, with new students and teachers arriving throughout the whole duration.

Who passed?

This list is in alphabetical order, not chronological:

Aberdon, Akhbeer, Alasyia, AliceBlue, Alphabob, Amora, aurum, Bessieloo, Bluegrass, Blueshift, Bucktep, Cheotep, Crestalina, Culloden, DianeLane, Elin, EssEnnEmm, Hatsheput, Hawkeye, Ihuop, Irisi, Jaylenaeybarre, Kaiya, Kasiya, kastou, kebiroz, kitten, lilinou, Lill, Midnightblue, Misty, mork, Murtha, Nielas, Ninfa, Nissim, Pacer, Pameow, Rey, Ruby, Sabuli, sekhmet, Sharae, Sheeba, sheree, Shiranai, Skyfeather, Sovel, Sunstrider, tamb, Tamutnefret, tefnut, TheMazeEcho, TORNS, Wampak, Zowee

When and Where

The Rare Moves Acro event will be held over 24 hours, starting Saturday February 26th at 11:00 GMT (03:00 PST, 06:00 US EST, 12:00 CEST, 22:00 AUS EDT). Students and teachers will be arriving at the Alcyone Acro Field (1668, 2642) at any time during the 24 hours and staying for as long as they wish. All acrobats welcome!

How It Will Be Run

Teachers with rare moves will take stations in the front section of the line. After students have gone through this rare moves section, they may continue on through a further non-rare section of the line. Anyone who has learned a rare move is welcome to take a station in the rare move section at any time.

Teachers and students may come and go as suits their play time, returning multiple times if they choose.

Every three minutes, students will be asked to move on to the next teacher in Alcyone regional channel. During this three minutes, teachers and students are encouraged to show their rarest moves to each other.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact Blondie, Rabble, Maata, or Pameow.

What are the Rare Moves?

Front Tuck has the fewest teachers, and this event aims to create more of them.

The other Rare Moves for this event are Broad Jump, Cat Stretch, Inverted Pushups, Spin Flip, Somersault, and Windmill.

Who are the Teachers?

If you plan to teach a rare move at the event, please add your name

Name Moves
Aberdon BJ
AerisDivine FT
Akhbeer FT
amontal SF
Andyfret (if able to log in) SF
Artemis FT, CS, SS
Augir BJ
Aryballa (if able to log in) CS
Avarelle FT, BJ, CS, IPU, SF, SS, WM
Avaris FT, BJ, CS, IPU, SF, SS, WM
bcoastaldawn WM, IPU
Binny SF
Blondie FT, BJ, CS, IPU, SF, SS, WM
BlueGrass WM
BlueShift WM
Bucktep WM
cate WM
Crestalina BJ, CS, IPU, SS, WM
DianeLane BJ, CS, IPU, FT
Elin (if able to log in) SF
Emeraldlily IPU
Galiath CS
Hapnutsheth CS, IPU
Hatsheput FT
Henblaidd BJ, CS
Ihuop SF
Jakehu FT
Jakob SF
Jaylenaeybarre BJ
Kaiya SF
kastou SS, WM
Kitten IPU, SS, FT, BJ
Lilinou FT
Lomasi FT
Maata BJ, CS, FT, IPU, SF, SS, WM
Mayati CS
MissBarbara BJ
MomMouse WM
mork BJ, IPU
Nielas WM
Ninfa BJ, CS, FT, IPU, SF, SS, WM
Nissim FT, SF, SS
Nuru FT
Pacer CS
Pinger IPU
Rania CS, SF, SS, WM
Rhaom BJ, IPU, WM
sahil CS
Salrik FT IPU
sana SF
Scoured FT
sekhmet BJ, CS, SF, WM
sheree BJ,IPU, SS
Shiranai BJ, CS, IPU, SF, SS, WM
Sky SS, LS
sparkle BJ, IPU, SF
Stevehotep CS
Subira FT
Sumaria CS
Tamb FT, SS
testios SF
TheMazeEcho CS, FT, IPU, SF, SS, WM
Tig (if able to log in) SF
Tyla (if able to log in) SS
vraitak BJ
Wrel BJ, CS, IPU, SS, WM
Zakalwe SS
Zamses CS
Zumptin CS