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How To ...

Update Donations

  1. Edit the research page.
  2. Find the university you are interested in; universities look like this on the edit page:
    {{ResUniversity|Art and Music| ... lots of stuff ... }}
  3. Inside the university, find the technology; technologies look like this:
    {{ResTechnology|Dowsing| {{ResResource|Sharpened Stick|0|49}} {{ResResource|Cactus Sap|2|1111}} }}
  4. Edit the numbers in the resources of the technology to reflect the current state. The percentages and amount still needed are calculated automatically.
  5. Save the page.

Add New Research

  1. Edit the research page and find the university, as above.
  2. Decide if the research is current (i.e. all required resources can be already produced) or stalled.
  3. Find the appropriate section in the university; this is either:
    {{ResColumn|Current Research|rowspan=3}}


    {{ResColumn|Stalled Research}}
  4. If this is the first research in this section, remove the none template, e.g.:
    {{ResColumn|Stalled Research}} {{ResNone}}
  5. Add the technology template below the start of the section, e.g.:
    {{ResColumn|Current Research|rowspan=3}} {{ResTechnology|| }} ... other research ...
  6. Add the name of the technology, e.g.:
    {{ResColumn|Current Research|rowspan=3}} {{ResTechnology|Dowsing| }} ... other research ...
  7. Add a copy of the resource template for every resource, e.g.:
    {{ResColumn|Current Research|rowspan=3}} {{ResTechnology|Dowsing| {{ResResource|||}} {{ResResource|||}} }} ... other research ...
  8. Add the names and amounts of the resources, e.g.:
    {{ResColumn|Current Research|rowspan=3}} {{ResTechnology|Dowsing| {{ResResource|Sharpened Stick|0|49}} {{ResResource|Cactus Sap|2|1111}} }} ... other research ...

    Note: For complex items, to avoid broken links, you can use the syntax Link Name{{!}}Item Name in place of the item name. For example, if the research calls for Hawthorn Resin, instead of just entering Hawthorn Resin, enter Resin{{!}}Hawthorn Resin.

  9. If you are adding stalled research: make the technology collapse:
    {{ResColumn|Stalled Research}} {{ResTechnology|Dowsing|state=collapsed| {{ResResource|Sharpened Stick|0|49}} {{ResResource|Cactus Sap|2|1111}} }} ... other research ...
  10. Save the page.

Make Stalled Research Current


Move Research on Timer

  1. Edit the research page and find the university, as above.
  2. Find the research that has been completed, e.g.:
    {{ResTechnology|Dowsing| {{ResResource|Sharpened Stick|49|49}} {{ResResource|Cactus Sap|1111|1111}} }}
  3. Select the entire block from {{ResTechnology to the }} and cut it.
  4. Find the research on timer section, which looks like:
    {{ResColumn|Research on Timer}}
  5. If this is the first research in this section, remove the none template, e.g.:
    {{ResColumn|Research on Timer}} {{ResNone}}
  6. Paste the technology you cut out earlier under this section, e.g.:
    {{ResColumn|Research on Timer}} {{ResTechnology|Dowsing| {{ResResource|Sharpened Stick|49|49}} {{ResResource|Cactus Sap|1111|1111}} }}
  7. Remove all resources from the technology, e.g.:
    {{ResColumn|Research on Timer}} {{ResTechnology|Dowsing| {{ResResource|Sharpened Stick|49|49}} {{ResResource|Cactus Sap|1111|1111}} }}
  8. Add the research timer template, e.g.:
    {{ResColumn|Research on Timer}} {{ResTechnology|Dowsing| {{ResTimer|}} }}
  9. Go to the research timer page.
  10. Put in the current values of the timer (hours and minutes) and submit.
  11. Copy the URL that is now displayed.
  12. Paste this URL into the research timer template, e.g.:
    {{ResColumn|Research on Timer}} {{ResTechnology|Dowsing| {{ResTimer|}} }}
  13. Save the page.

Move to Completed Research

When a technology has completed research, you should move it to the Completed Research Section When moving an entry from the on-timer section to completed, you have to change the tag used (Note how the tag ResTechnology was replaced by 'BResComplete):

{{ResColumn|Completed Research}} {{ResComplete|Dowsing}} }}

This will mark the locations for the 'Opened In' section on the respective Technology page (after that page has been updated itself): Dowsing/Amunet.

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