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Silkworm Farm

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Size 11x11
Where Compound


This building becomes available when you learn the Silkworm Farming skill. It should be noted that unlike many other buildings, the Silkworm Farming skill is required to use it.


Built in a Compound. Uses 11x11 cells.


Silkworms generate Raw Silk when fed the proper Thistles, grown in a Thistle Garden. If they are not fed, they will still survive.

The Silkworms go in a 4-day cycle, starting from when you build the farm:

  • 12 hours waiting for the next generation to be laid.
  • 3 days eggs waiting to hatch. During this period the farm will display the current requirements.
  • 12 hours either growing and eating (if fed), or simply surviving.

The type of thistle required will change after a cycle where the silkworms have been fed at least one thistle. If they are not fed, no silk will be produced and the thistle requirements will not change.


The amount of Raw Silk returned after the silkworms are fed is based on the amount of Thistle they were given (in addition to a small random factor), but it is not a simple linear relationship.

  • For small amounts of Thistle, the Raw Silk returned will follow an approximately 1:1 ratio.
  • As more Thistle is added, the ratio will at first increase, peaking around 500-600 Thistle at about 1.5:1.
  • After the peak, the ratio will begin to decrease, returning to 1:1 at around 1000 Thistle.
  • After 1000 Thistle, the ratio continues to decline sharply, reducing the value of adding additional Thistle.
  • Confirmed test that 4.6k thistles only gave back 1.4k of silk, a ratio of approx 1:0.3