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Talk:Test of the Oyster Catcher

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can someone upload a pic of what the oyster beds look like? I'm not really sure what i am looking for.. thanks! poke 23:57, 17 September 2010 (EST)

(Note: As of 12/4/2010 at least, you no longer need any pearls to initiate the test - you only need to be Level 6. Once you start, you will learn how to swim. Wrel)

question: where do we get the pearls for opening this test, obviously not from swimming as we need to be on the test to learn how to swim

answer: They are found along shorelines. I believe several have been located already. Perhaps the owners can post which ones they have here, so we can organize them to demo together once they are all found.

I found a small coral pearl by a pond in southern Taygete. ~fahli
Small white pearl found in Aicyone - User:Tamutnefret
I found a small pink pearl in Celaeno - Mudkest
Small black pearl in Taygete - Taemon
Small beige pearl in Taygete - tehm
Small smoke pearl found in Maia - User:Tamutnefret
Small aqua pearl found in Sinai - User:Tamutnefret

  • I got my first END point when I put the first correct pearl at the right place, and my second END point at the 5th correctly placed pearl. -TheMazeEcho
  • I got two END from my first pearl (Huge), my third point after getting 2 smalls correct, and my fourth after getting 2 more smalls and 2 mediums. -Wrongskian
  • I got 1 END from my first pearl (Medium). - Snicker_Bastet
  • On completing the test and reviewing my numbers and other peoples numbers. The best I figure is the point system works as follows: Small = 2, Medium = 3, Large = 5, Huge = 13 Endurance = round(Total points / 7) The only case I found this not correct was a single medium placed in the correct location will give one endurance point. In all other cases that math will hold true. -Mektos
    • At 1 Huge, 3 Medium, 1 Small, I had 4 Endurance. By this math, it should have rounded to 3. --Numaris
    • With all pearls installed except 3 small pearls I had 7 endurance, and should have rounded to 6. --Skyfeather