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Test of Mentorship

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Note: First pass at info, please update/expand/correct as needed

This tests consists of having mentee's (who must have joined the game since the test was demonstrated) build a mentorship shrine in honour of their mentor. Each mentee may only build one shrine and must select who they are honouring during the shrines construction.

Apparently, "joining" starts at first login, not when you first pay.

Once a shrine has been built, it must be consectrated by the mentor by going to it and clicking 'Consecrate this shrine'. To pass the test 7 shrines must be built in your honour and consecrated

Each shrine costs:

Mentorship Shrine Rewards Mentor Points required Function
Scholarship 3 Next skill is half-price
Full Scholarship 7 Next skill is free
Back Roads 2 24 hours offline time
Dinner with Pharaoh 21 +7 Perception for 24 hours, special surprise, unique per dinner
Fountain of Knowledge 2 Teach one skill or level, instantly
Thirst for Knowledge 2 Learn one skill from another player, instantly
Homeward Bound 7 One additional Waypoint
Ancient Map 7 600 ft. radius mineral map, any locations.
Tenure 14 Half-price skills for life.
Headmaster 5 Double speed teaching forever
Homestead 7 One additional Cornerstone
Bringer of Knowledge 14 A single contribution to university research is doubled
Eye of God 7 A free month of ATITD