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Test of the Demipharaoh

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Test of the Demi-Pharaoh
  • Level 4
  • Participate in at least the first round of a Demi-Pharaoh election.
Demonstrated by Kabasto in ?? on 2010-08-19.

Participate in a Demi-Pharaoh election, and have the chance to be elected and help govern Egypt.


No level requirement to demonstrate, must be petitioned by a lawmaker.

Demonstrated August 19 2010 by Kabasto

Passing the Test

To pass the test itself you need to be elected Demi-Pharaoh.


Elections take place every month. Prior to an election, you can go to a voting booth and indicate if you'd like to participate or not. You can also indicate if you'd like to always keep running for Demi-Pharaoh in every election automatically, or just in the upcoming election. If you want to stop running altogether, you can also do that.

There are 3 rounds of election. In each of the first 2 rounds, up to 7 candidates will participate. They will be supplied with a private chat channel in which that can talk to each other. During these initial rounds, each candidate can vote for somebody by visiting a voting booth. This can be either for themself or somebody else in the round. These rounds last for 3 days, at the end of which the candidate with the greatest number of votes will move on to the next round. If there is a tie, nobody moves on. If you vote for somebody and then change your mind you are able to change your vote.

The last round of elections is public to all of Egypt. Only those candidates who passed the first two rounds will be eligible to be voted on by all citizens. This last voting round lasts for 7 days. The winner of this final vote will become Demi-Pharaoh.

Note: eGenesis employees, or those who serve administrative roles such as Game Master or World Builder, cannot participate in Demi-Pharaoh elections or be elected to the position in any other manner, however they cannot be banned, either.


The following benefits and conditions apply to a Demi-Pharoah:

  • They have the ability to exile up to 7 player characters from Egypt. Any character exiled in this way will be unable to play for the remainder of the tale. This exile, or ban, applies to a character, not the actual player. A player who's had a character exiled, may create or play with a different character.
  • Demi-Pharoahs from previous elections retain their exile power even after a new Demi-Pharaoh is instated. In this way, they can be considered elected "for life" - or at least until the end of the current tale.
  • A Demi-Pharoah who still has at least one ban left cannot be exiled by any other Demi-Phaorah. However, if a Demi-Pharaoh has used all 7 of their bans, they are no longer immune and can be exiled by another Demi-Pharaoh just as can any other citizen.
  • It is possible for a Demi-Pharaoh, even in possession of 1 more more bans, to be exiled from Egypt if a law is passed to that effect. It is also possible for a law to be passed to strip a Demi-Pharoah of their bans, and their position, but without actually exiling the character.
  • As of this writing, it is not possible for a law to be passed that would restrict or limit the power of a Demi-Pharaoh, or any aspect of the Demi-Pharaoh test itself.

Social Expectations

There are some assumed responsibilities assigned to the position of Demi-Pharaoh, the most common being that they will act as mediators in disputes that come to their attention. However, responsibilities such as these are not actually covered by any laws or other game rules. But it is still a social expectation that a Demi-Pharaoh act fairly and responsibly once elected.

Ban Details

When temporarily banned, a pop-up is presented upon banning, informing the player about the ban and its duration. The ban takes effect roughly 1 minute after the pop-up, and knocks you offline. The duration is in Teppy-time, and offline time continues to accumulate for the duration of the ban. Subscription time continues for the duration of the ban.


See Test Pass History.