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Test of the Venery

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Demonstration Required

To open The Venery you require:

Passing Principles

Complete and collect 3x Venery Certificates. Show them to any School of Thought.

Creating a Venery

see the Venery Guide

Veneries Locations

  • Green for recognized (passed) veneries (use "Gr" prefix on pin)
  • Red for unrecognized (unpassed) veneries (use "Rd" prefix on pin)

Region Coordinates Designer Name Passed Remarks RL Date Opened
Sterope 745, 842 Sabuli Mother Goose Venery Yes Appears to be broken at the Cobbler step - some carpentry shops have been torn down Nov 2 ,2010
Alcyone 1664, 2290 Lukeera Phoenix Remembers Yes At the EL thought building. 10-15 minutes run time. Nov 21 ,2010
Taygete 875, 6100 Krae Madmen Yes Possibly broken at Sign the Stars (missing sign at ferry)?
Taygete 873, 6095 Ketta The Story of Squeak Yes 15-20 Min, Easy/Moderate/FUN! Built March 6, 2011
Alcyone 1502, 2354 Artemis My Venery. No Topic. Yes Under 20 minutes. Jan 13, 2011
Alcyone 1766, 2331 Blueshift Love and Murder in Egypt Yes Under 15 minutes. Jan 17, 2011
Alcyone 1745, 2401 Solaris Day of an Artist Yes Fast and easy Jan 23, 2011
Maia 985, -5587 Shiranai Ran Dom Yes 10-15 min Feb 12, 2011
Sterope cs 1999, -1997 JaylenaeYbarre A minor example of our flora YES March 5 2011
Sterope cs 1999, -1997 Thunderstorm Knowledge of our Egyptian disciplines & tests YES passed 17 april 2011
Maia cs 972, -5577 Charlie Pharaohs Children YES 19 March 2011
Sterope 744, 841 Antilia Sally in the Coast with Rubies No Appears to be broken when wheat silo was torn down 28 March 2011
Alcyone 1663, 2290 Robare The Search for Pharoah yes Pretty easy, fun story 12 April 2011
Alcyone 1675, 2267 testios Wine & Beer No fast 22 april 2011
Alcyone 1737, 2279 Ceopatra Teppy's Inn No Related to Tuhk's Old Egypt Inn, play this one first. fast 14 July 2011
Alcyone 1737, 2279 Tuhk Old Egypt Inn No Related to Ceopatra's Teppy's Inn, play this one after. fast 14 July 2011
Alcyone 1726, 2285 Avanya Egyptian Career Aptitude Test--Field Exam no near AC1 cs; 20 - 30 minutes 26 August 2011


See Test Pass History.