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Tale 4 information
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Herb 1 Name Herb 2 Name Flavor Aroma Got a point?
Anansi Asafoetida Creamy Rotting Flesh
Anansi Crimson Lettuce Harsh Earth 2x
Ashoka Banto Oily Smoldering Pepper Y
Beetle Leaf Cinnamon Mellow Stewed Vegetables 2x
Black Pepper Plant Bluebottle Clover Astringent Oak
Black Pepper Plant Buckler Leaf Smokey Oak
Black Pepper Plant Cinnamon Dry Pepper
Black Pepper Plant Crimson Lettuce Hot Dried Apples
Black Pepper Plant Dark Ochoa Smokey Oak
Black Pepper Plant Dusty Blue Sage Hot Chocolate
Black Pepper Plant Glechoma Rough Maple
Black Pepper Plant Harebell Mellow Minerals
Black Pepper Plant Houseleek Woody Pepper
Black Pepper Plant Meadowsweet Spicy Dried Cherries
Black Pepper Plant Sorrel Bitter Camel Dung
Black Pepper Plant Steel Bladegrass Oily Dried Cherries
Black Pepper Plant Wild Lettuce Creamy Candy
Bluebottle Chives Dry Dried Cherries
Bluebottle Glechoma Toasty Moss
Bluebottle Mountain Mint Spicy Sulfur
Bluebottle Pale Dhamasa Toasty Lead Pencil
Blue Damia Albright Harsh Dried Cherries
Blue Damia Aloe Smokey Minerals
Brown Muskerro Tamarask Smokey Camel Dung
Buckler Leaf Tiny Clover Sweet Smoldering Paper
Cardamon Buckler Leaf Rough Pine
Chaffa Schisandra Burnt Licorice
Cinnamon Tsangto Smokey Camel Dung
Common Basil Cardamom Interesting and Spicy Candy Y
Common Basil Daggerleaf Sweet Smoldering paper Y
Common Basil Hogweed Oily Dried Cherries
Common Basil Verdant Squill Toasty Roasted Onions
Common Rosemary Panoe Oily Lead Pencil
Common Rosemary Thyme Rough Pine
Common Sage Crimson Lettuce Bitter Rotting Flesh
Discorea Thyme Mellow Leather
Earth Apple Wild Lettuce Toasty Berries
Glechoma Wild Lettuce Dry Maple
Glechoma Myristica Burnt Berries
Gnemnon Thyme Creamy Roasted Onions
Hogweed Thyme Toasty Berries
Indigo Damia Verdant Squill Smokey Cedar
Lemongrass Wild Lettuce Toasty Candy
Mariae Wild Lettuce Hot Roasted Onions
Myristica Sorrel Hot Cedar
Myristica Verdant Squill Bitter Pepper
Rhubarb Sweetgrass Hot Dried Cherries
Shrub Sage Sorrel Bitter Cedar
Tiny Clover Wild Lettuce Bitter Exotic Spices
Tiny Clover Verdant Squill Astringent Stewed Vegetabled
Turtle's Shell Wild Lettuce Toasty Leather
Verdant Squill Wild Lettuce Sweet Candy
Verdant Squill Stickler Hedge
Bluebottle clover Dark ochoa Y