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Herb Name Flavor Aroma Lilin Llillith
Allbright Antiseptic Exotic Spices X NO
Aloe Mellow Moss X X
Altar's Blessing Spicy Pepper X X
Anansi Spicy Sulfur X X
Apiphenalm Woody Licorice X X
Apothecary's Scythe Antiseptic Pine verified 3/2/11
Artemisia Antiseptic Lead Pencil verified 5/4/11
Asafoetida Mellow Pepper verified 3/2/11
Asane Bitter Sulfur verified 5/4/11
Ashoka Sweet Roasted Onions X X
Azure Tristeria Woody Leather X
Banto Hot Pepper X X
Bay Tree Smokey Minerals verified 3/2/11}
Bee Balm Hot Sulfur X NO
Beetle Leaf Dry Pine X NO
Beggar's Button Spicy Licorice X X
Bhillawa Toasty Dried Cherries X X
Bilimbi Mellow Pine verified 5/4/11
Bitter Florian Spicy Stewed Vegetables verified 5/4/11
Black Pepper Plant Mellow Berries X X
Blessed Mariae Hot Camel Dung NO X
Bleubillae T5N.gif
Blood Balm Hot Rotting Flesh verified 3/2/11
Blood Root Astringent Roasted Onions T5N.gif
Blood Blossom Toasty Licorice T5N.gif
Blooded Harebell Mellow Camel Dung X No
Blood Root Astringent Roasted Onions verified 5/4/11
Bloodwort Sweet Pepper X X
Blue Damia Bitter Smoldering Paper X X
Blue Tarafern Toasty Stewed Vegetables X X
Blueberry Tea Tree Smokey Roasted Nuts X
Bluebottle Clover Antiseptic Cedar X X
Blushing Blossom Toasty Berries T5N.gif
Brassy Caltrops Toasty Moss X X
Brown Muskerro Toasty Candy NO X
Buckler-leaf Mellow Licorice X ?
Bull's Blood Harsh Roasted Onions NO X
Burnt Tarragon Harsh Stewed Vegetables X X
Butterfly Damia Bitter Camel Dung T5N.gif
Butterroot Antiseptic Pepper NO X
Calabash Dry Dried Apples X X
Camelmint Smokey Moss T5N.gif
Caraway Harsh Moss X
Cardamom Woody Roasted Nuts X NO
Cassia Woody Cedar verified 5/4/11
Chaffa Woody Pine T5N.gif
Chatinabrae Woody Berries X X
Chives Burnt Exotic Spices X X
Chukkah Dry Moss X X
Cicada Bean Woody Smoldering Paper X X
Cinnamon Spicy Moss X X
Cinquefoil Smokey Berries X X
Cirallis Bitter Maple verified 5/4/11
Clingroot Spicy Candy X X
Common Basil Smokey Earth X X
Common Rosemary Dry Exotic Spices X X
Common Sage Mellow Camel Dung X X
Corsacia Burnt Cedar X X
Covage Dry Licorice X X
Crampbark Spicy Exotic Spices X X
Cranesbill Sweet Cedar NO X
Creeping Black Nightshade Burnt Dried Apples X X
Creeping Thyme Woody Chocolate X
Crimson Clover Antiseptic Maple X X
Crimson Lettuce Burnt Stewed Vegetables X X
Crimson Nightshade Smokey Sulfur X X
Crimson Pipeweed Sweet Dried Apples X X
Crimson Windleaf Toasty Pine X X
Crumpled Leaf Basil Smokey Licorice X X
Curly Sage Dry Smoldering Paper X
Cyan Cressida Dry Rotting Flesh verified 5/4/11
Daggerleaf Toasty Maple X X
Dalchini Burnt Pine X NO
Dameshood Dry Lead Pencil NO X
Dank Mullien Toasty Cedar X X
Dark Ochoa Antiseptic Dried Cherries X X
Dark Radish Smokey Sulfur X X
Dark Russet Woody Dried Apples T5N.gif
Deadly Catsclaw Dry Minerals T5N.gif
Deadwood Tree Bitter Dried Apples T5N.gif
Death's Piping Hot Rotting Flesh verified 3/2/11
Dewplant Sweet Chocolate verified 3/2/11
Digweed Burnt Berries X X
Discorea Mellow Roasted Nuts X X
Drapeau D'or Toasty Earth X X
Dusty Blue Sage Mellow Rotting Flesh X X
Dwarf Hogweed Sweet Exotic Spices X X
Dwarf Wild Lettuce Burnt Dried Cherries X X
Earth Apple Smokey Cedar X NO
Elegia Bitter Moss X X
Enchanter's Plant Antiseptic Roasted Onions X X
Finlow Smokey Roasted Onions X X
Fire Allspice Bitter Licorice X X
Fire Lily Spicy Dried Cherries T5N.gif
Fivesleaf Burnt Leather X
Flaming Skirret Spicy Moss verified 3/3/11
Flander's Blossom Spicy Smoldering Paper X X
Fleabane Dry Roasted Nuts X X
Fool's Agar Spicy Cedar X
Fumitory Harsh Chocolate X X
Garcinia Burnt Maple X X
Garlic Chives Burnt Candy X X
Ginger Root Mellow Licorice X ?
Ginger Tarragon Harsh Dried Cherries verified 3/3/11
Ginseng Root Spicy Licorice X X
Glechoma Antiseptic Minerals X X
Gnemnon Spicy Berries X X
Gokhru Spicy Rotting Flesh X X
Golden Dubloons Sweet Maple T5N.gif
Golden Gladalia Astringent Dried Apple T5N.gif
Golden Sellia Bitter Minerals T5N.gif
Golden Sun Spicy Rotting Flesh NO X
Golden Sweetgrass Harsh Roasted Nuts verified 3/3/11
Golden Thyme Woody Dried Cherries X X
Gynura Mellow Earth X X
Harebell Mellow Oak X X
Harrow Spicy Oak X X
Hazlewort Spicy Lead Pencil X X
Headache Tree Spicy Camel Dung X X
Heartsease Hot Roasted Nuts T5N.gif
Hogweed Spicy Roasted Nuts X X
Homesteader's Palm Dry Sulfur T5N.gif
Honey Mint Spicy Chocolate X X
Houseleek Sweet Pine X
Hyssop Spicy Pine X X
Ice Blossom Toasty Lead Pencil T5N.gif
Ice Mint Spicy Stewed Vegetables verified 3/3/11
Ilex Mellow Lead Pencil NO X
Indigo Damia Bitter Rotting Flesh X X
Ipomoea Woody Camel Dung X X
Jagged Dewcup Mellow Maple NO X
Jaivanti Sweet Exotic Spices X X
Jaiyanti Sweet Candy T5N.gif
Joy of the Mountain Burnt Smoldering Paper X X
Jugwort Spicy Dried Cherries T5N.gif
Katako Root Harsh Pine X NO
Khokali Toasty Chocolate X X
King's Coin Burnt Lead Pencil verified 3/3/11
Lamae Harsh Cedar T5N.gif
Larkspur Hot Minerals verified 3/3/11
Lavender Navarre Bitter Pepper X X
Lavender Scented Thyme Woody Leather X X
Lemon Basil Smokey Lead Pencil X NO
Lemongrass Woody Candy T5N.gif
Lemondrop Sweet Dried Cherries X X
Lilia Sweet Rotting Flesh T5N.gif
Liquorice Smokey Pepper X X
Lungclot Bitter Lead Pencil NO X
Lythrum Mellow Berries X X
Mahonia Antiseptic Berries X X
Malice Weed Spicy Camel Dung verified 3/3/11
Mandrake Root Spicy Pine T5N.gif
Maragosa Dry Earth NO X
Mariae Spicy Earth NO X
Meadowsweet Burnt Licorice X X
Medicago Woody Minerals X
Mindanao Woody Smoldering Paper X X
Miniature Bamboo Woody Smoldering Paper X
Miniature Lamae Harsh Maple X
Mirabellis Fern Toasty Minerals X X
Moon Aloe Dried Apple T5N.gif
Morpha Spicy Chocolate X X
Motherwort Hot Berries NO X
Mountain Mint Spicy Candy X X
Myristica Hot Smoldering Paper X X
Myrrh Woody Earth X X
Naranga Dry Berries T5N.gif
Nubian Liquorice Woody Oak T5N.gif
Octec's Grace Burnt Earth T5N.gif
Opal Harebell Mellow Rotting Flesh NO X
Orange Niali Burnt Moss X X
Orange Sweetgrass Harsh Minerals X X
Orris Bitter Stewed Vegetables T5N.gif
Pale Dhamasa Burnt Chocolate X X
Pale Ochoa Antiseptic Chocolate ? X
Pale Russet Woody Dried Apple X X
Pale Skirret Hot Sulfur T5N.gif
Panoe Woody Chocolate X X
Paradise Lily T5N.gif
Patchouli Antiseptic Dried Apple X X
Peppermint Spicy Minerals X X
Pippali Dry Cedar X X
Pitcher Plant Spicy Maple X
Primula Woody Sulfur X X
Prisniparni Toasty Leather NO X
Pulmonaria Opal Burnt Candy X X
Purple Tintiri Dry Maple X X
Quamash T5N.gif
Red Pepper Plant Mellow Pepper X X
Revivia Woody Roasted Onions NO X
Rhubarb Harsh Berries T5N.gif
Royal Rosemary Dry Candy T5N.gif
Rubia Sweet Stewed Vegetables X X
Rubydora Spicy Leather X X
Sacred Palm Sweet Oak T5N.gif
Sagar Ghota Spicy Sulfur X X
Sandalwood Woody Sulfur T5N.gif
Sandy Dustweed Dry Oak X NO
Satsachi Astringent Stewed Vegetables X X
Scaley Hardwood Bitter Roasted Onions T5N.gif
Schisandra Woody Lead Pencil T5N.gif
Shrubby Basil Smokey Rotting Flesh NO X
Shrub Sage Dry Roasted Onions NO X
Shyama Burnt Stewed Vegetables x X
Shyamalata Burnt Dried Cherries T5N.gif
Sickly Root Woody Maple T5N.gif
Silvertongue Damia Bitter Roasted Nuts X no
Skirret Spicy Dried Apples X x
Sky Gladalia Astringent Exotic Spices NO X
Soapwort Smokey Camel Dung X X
Sorrel Woody Pine X X
Spinach Mellow Roasted Nuts X X
Spinnea Harsh Oak X X
Squill Mellow Minerals X NO
Steel Bladegrass Harsh Camel Dung nO NO
Stickler Hedge Sweet Roasted Onions X NO
Strawberry Tea Woody Roasted Nuts X X
Strychnos Toasty Pepper NO X
Sugar Cane Woody Rotting Flesh X X
Sweet Groundmaple Mellow Cedar T5N.gif
Sweetflower Sweet Leather X ?
Sweetgrass Harsh Smoldering Paper X X
Sweetsop Spicy Pepper X X
Tagetese Mellow Smoldering Paper X X
Tamarask Harsh Candy X X
Tangerine Dream Dry Pepper T5N.gif
Thunder Plant Antiseptic Candy T5N.gif
Thyme Woody Stewed Vegetables X X
Tiny Clover Antiseptic Oak NO X
Trilobe Mellow Cedar X X
Tristeria Woody Stewed Vegetables X
True Tarragon Harsh Leather X X
Tsangto Bitter Berries NO X
Tsatso Antiseptic Leather NO X
Turtle's Shell Burnt Oak NO X
Umber Basil Smokey Moss T5N.gif
Upright Ochoa Antiseptic Stewed Vegetables X X
Vanilla Tea Tree T5N.gif
Verdant Squill Mellow Sulfur X X
Verdant Two-Lobe Dry Camel Dung T5N.gif
Wasabi Harsh Pepper NO X
Weeping Patala Toasty Oak X X
White Pepper Plant Mellow Minerals X X
Whitebelly Hot Berries NO X
Wild Garlic Woody Cedar NO X
Wild Lettuce Burnt Chocolate X X
Wild Onion Burnt Minerals NO X
Wild Yam Spicy Leather X NO
Wood Sage Mellow Sulfur X X
Xanat Woody Oak NO X
Xanosi Burnt Sulfur X X
Yava Sweet Dried Apples X X
Yellow Gentian Woody Pepper NO X
Yellow Tristeria Woody Dried Cherries X X
Yigory Mellow Pine X X
Zanthoxylum Spicy Roasted Onions NO X