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Beetles Under Glass (BUG)

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Welcome to Beetles Under Glass (BUG), home of beetle breeders and bug lovers (and a few bugs too).


Who we are

Beetles Under Glass was created to provide a central home for those that wished to share their knowledge of beetle breeding as well as hear and learn from the experiences of others.

Anyone with a love of beetle breeding, from the novice to the expert, is welcome to join us and our motley crew.

BUG is a strong supporter of the beetle garden competitions and highly encourages its members to go and vote when active ones open up.


We only have one real rule. That everyone within our guild respect one another while realizing that people are different.


Our guildhall is currently located in Sterope 1991,-2039 near to the Chariot Stop.



Guild Cabbage Farm compound and Public Kitchen in a 23 cabbage zone. Sterope 4955, -2070.
From the Sterope CS, take the road all the way to the east coast. Cabbage farm is on the South side of the road. Guild members are free to add a private chest. A small supply of cabbage will be kept in the guild chest.

For a shorter run, guild compound with kitchen at 24 cabbage spot (4167, -2085)

Sterope has a "cabbage tower" that yields 57 cabbage per seed, located at 1470, -1507.


A guild chest is located within the BUG cp. It is useable by Associates and up. Initiates can ask an Associate and up if they need something in the chest.


A beetle showroom cp is located near the BUG guildhall. We are planning to have at least one terrarium set up in this showroom for members to show their beetles for the purpose of trading.


We are trying to provide mats for constructing the beetle statues that are required to show your beetle in a Scarab Garden competition. So far, we have a few gold wires and gold to make the wires, as well as some concrete. We also have the mats and equipment to make gravel, one of the components in making concrete.

Guild Heavy Clinker Vat

A Heavy Clinker Vat is situated in the guild compound. It is fueled by petroleum. There is an initial supply of petroleum to get it going. Vat is useable by Initiate and up.

Guild Kitchen

A guild kitchen is situated in the guild compound next to the vat. If you want to make carry or strenth or endurance food, you will have to bring your own mats. Kitchen is useable by Initiate and up.

Mud Granite Quarries

Currently, the guild owns two mud granite quarries, situated at:

Sterope 2080, -1819
Sterope 1961, -1906

Please help out your guildmates if they need people for working a quarry.

Current Projects

  • Small rubies available for beetle statues. In a chest at the guild cp.

Current Scarab Shows

Map of Scarab Gardens

Location Level Status Notes Winners
2016,-2018, Sterope Level One Filling - 3 spots open - Oct 2
801,-5526, Maia Level One
-1686,845, Celaeno Level One Filling - 5 spots open - May27
1758,2293, Alcyone Level One
898,6059, Taygete Level One
2697,5042, Sinai Level One Empty May 25
-1592,7660, Merope Level One
842,6610, Taygete Level Two filling 3 more needed
940,1100, Alcyone Level Two empty
1004,-3827, Maia Level Two Empty
1317 2986, Alcyone 2 empty slots left 22 oct

Materials for Scarab Garden Beetle Statue - 2 mud granite - 2 small rubies - 10 concrete - 20 clay - 12 gold wire - 5 paint (one color as specified for the beetle you plan to show) - 5 paint (another color as specified for the beetle you plan to show)

Sculpture Must be made with beetle in inventory, all the mats (depending on lvl: your certificate) AND at the beetlegarden itself!

Materials for Beetle Terrarium - 12 sheet glass - 3 linen - 100 dirt

Current Members

Active membership count: 50/50


Crestalina, murtha, Osidion, Tazendra, Augir


Ketta, Tribisha,


Amisi, JaylenaeYbarre, Aperio, CHART, Solaris,


dymo, Anien, Mosi, Rauul, Tautriadelta


Rekhetre, Quibilah, Blueshift, Menat,




Cekra, fenyang, Petemet, candi,

Breeding Tips

  • Here's a link to research done in T4 regarding beetle patterns: (From Mortality)
  • When trading with people for their beetles, it's good to have the same trading partner. That way you won't always have to start at 0% with their beetles. After a time, the % will be more like 20% yours and so on, as your partner uses your beetles in their breeding program and to satisfy the requirements for principles. (From Tazendra via Merit)
  • Murtha is conducting an extensive research program to ascertain whether the patterns come from the male or the female beetle. I believe so far the results show that they come from the female. Talk to her about her research. (From murtha via Merit)

General Tips

  • Ysera has found out something the hard way: if you oopsies down to 1 female and like 10 males, it takes a bit to get going again, and in the meantime they get very fugly. (From Ysera via Merit)
  • Make sure you keep your beetles in the terrarium well supplied with cabbage and that you don't leave them in too long. How long depends on how many beetles you put in to begin with. I have found that if I put in a maximum of 6 bugs and leave them overnight, I will have between 20 and 30 bugs the next morning, and they may or may not have eaten a couple of bugs. They will also eat around 200 to 300 cabbage. If I leave 6 bugs longer than 12 hours, even with sufficient cabbage in the terra, they will eat each other. (Merit)