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Dried Flax

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Dried flax.png
Bulk 1
Weight 1


Dried Flax can be produced by placing Rotten Flax onto a Drying Rack or Flax Hammock. Every Drying Rack can dry 10 Rotten Flax at a time.

Takes roughly 10 mins to dry on a rack, regardless of amount.
T5N.gifYou get aprox 11 Ash when burning 100 Dried Flax in a Firepit without Stoking it.

Requires you to have learnt Flax Processing.


Required By

Ash, Chicken Coop, Desert Obelisk, Empty Hand Puzzle, Sheep Pen, Storage Basket, Table désert, Test of the Obelisk

Produced By

Drying Rack, Flax Hammock