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Bulk 1
Weight 1

Bricks that have been fired in a kiln (either a Box Kiln or True Kiln). They are more heat-resistant than ordinary sun-dried bricks, and are used in buildings such as forges where heat is used.


Placing the Wet Firebricks into a Kiln, when fired will produce Firebricks.

Required By

Amboss, Anvil, Bullet Furnace, Charcoal Hearth, Clinker Vat, Compression Furnace, Firepit, Fleet Furnace, Funerary Temple, Glassblowing, Glazier's Bench, Glory Hole, Grain Oven, Kitchen, Master's Casting Box, Master's Forge, Pandora, Reactory, Reinforced Kiln, Sacrificial Bonfire, Salvage Techniques, Scent Lab, Student's Casting Box, Student's Forge, Test of Towers, True Kiln, Vault Kiln

Produced By

Box Kiln, Reinforced Kiln, True Kiln