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Gyration Cell

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Size 7x7
Where Compound


This building becomes available after you have learned the Metallurgy 3 tech.


Built in a Compound. Uses 7x7 cells.


Uses up to 50 Charcoal for fuel.

After firing, the metal will be ready in 15 minutes (if fully loaded with Charcoal) and will stay in the furnace until removed.


A Gyration Cell holds up to 1500 ore and 50 Charcoal.

1500 ore, 50 Charcoal for 15 minutes yields 150 metal.
750 ore, 50 Charcoal for 15 minutes yields 75 metal.
In general, X ore, 50 Charcoal for 15 minutes yields X/10 metal.

Be careful : if you open the gyration cell while functioning, all the ore and charcoal will be wasted, only the metal already produced will remain.


Ore Used CC Used Metal Yield Time opened Ore Cost/Metal
1500 50 150 15 mins 10
100 50 10 15 mins 10
1000 50 100 15 mins 10

  • Conjecture: 1500/150=10 implies that 10 ore cooked for 15 minutes will yield 1 metal. But this is without rounding. With rounding, you get 5 ore yields 1 metal, 15 ore yields 2, n*10-5 ore yields n metal, etc. in 15 minutes. Of course, with the cooking cost being 50 CC, extra efficiency comes at a high cost in the renewable charcoal.

  • Rounds Up: Always load in numbers ending in 0 or 5. If you are loading the max of 1500, then load 1495 instead. It will still yield 150 iron. Load 95 (instead of 100) and you will get 10 iron. Never load with numbers ending with 1-4 else it still rounds down and you wasted your extra 1-4 ore. Loading a number ending with 6-9 will also waste ore. - Cegaiel

Optimal Yield Chart:

Ore Used CC Used Metal Yield Time opened Ore Cost/Metal
1495 50 150 15 mins 10
95 50 10 15 mins 10
995 50 100 15 mins 10

You don't need to load the exact ore amounts in charts above, just remember its 10% metal of the amount of ore you load. You still always use 50cc. Again, always load in a number ending with 5 for optimal yield.