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Bulk 1
Weight 1

A Hookah allows herbs to be smoked to increase your Fumeology score. Up to three herbs can be placed in a hookah.

A Hookah is built using a Hookah Bowl, 14 Canvas, and 1 Water in Jugs

You can make a Hookah Bowl in the Glory Hole using 1 Fine Glass Rod.

The quality of the hookah affects how many tokes per herb.

Note: It requires one Charcoal to light the hookah and one Water in Jugs to clean the bowl. - Shaydis

Quality Tokes
~6800 23
~1100 11

If u were lucky enough to receive at any event a hookah upgrade kit, u can add it to your favorite hookah at any School of Art and Music. You should consider getting a very high Quality hookah for that first.

Ordinary Hookah

All hookahs look the same if they have not had a kit applied to them. This is a 9kQ hookah.
Ordinary Hookah.png

Master Hookah

This is a hookah that has been kitted with a Masters's Hookah Upgrade Kit.

Scribe Hookah

This is a hookah that has been kitted with a Scribe's Hookah Upgrade Kit.
Scribe Hookah.png

Student Hookah

This is a 9kQ hookah. It has been kitted with a Students Hookah Upgrade Kit.
Upgraded Hookah.png