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Star Recipes

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Star Ingredients

Stars are made in a Star Rack. Max Batch size is 100.

  • All stars need a binder:
    • Beeswax - for Comet and Ball-type stars, which diffuse in 'pulses'.
    • Cactus Sap - for Comet, Ball, and Line-type stars, all of which diffuse in either pulses or as a straight line.
    • Clay - for 'popper' stars, which diffuse all in one burst at the end of their fire.
    • Tar - for 'sparkler' stars, which diffuse in sparks throughout their runs.
  • All stars need some quantity of Sulfur and Charcoal.
  • All stars need some variety of Metal Salts.
  • Some stars also need Aluminum Powder.

Available Recipes

For this table, please use the cost of producing a batch of TEN (10) Stars
Salt 1
Salt 1
Salt 2
Salt 2
Flying Frog Pulsing Green Common Cactus Sap 11 5 10 Zinc 11 Flying frog.png
Squat Canary Pulsing Yellow Common Cactus Sap 5 3 15 Aluminum 9 Squat canary.png
Blue Angelfire Trail Cyan Sterope Cactus Sap 18 2 31 Tungsten 86 Magnesium 9 Blue Angelfire.png
Grape Ape Pulsing Purple Sterope Cactus Sap 14 4 26 Strontium 52 Grape ape.png
Last Ray Trail Red Sterope Beeswax 9 3 37 Iron 21 Last Ray.png
Yellow Fuzzy Trail Trail Yellow Sterope Beeswax 11 24 27 Aluminium 22 Yellow fuzzy Trail.png
Red Glowie Trail Red/Orange Sterope Cactus Sap 15 3 36 Copper 7 Red Glowie.png
Fairy Dust Sparkler Pink Sterope Tar 7 23 20 Gold 16 20 FairyDust.png
4 Trail Turquoise Alcyone Cactus Sap 20 1 102 Titanium 180 4.png
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Sparkler, Trail Blue/White Sterope Tar 12 8 21 Tungsten 40 21 Twinkle twinkle little star.png
Party Pooper Popper white Sterope Clay 13 23 80 Silver 14 48 Partypooper.png
Purple Squeeble Trail white/purple Sterope Cactus Sap 6 1 64 Lithium 11 Purple Squeeble.png
Magenta Fury Cone Trail mageneta Sterope Beeswax 20 18 41 Gold 19 Magentafury.png
Green Sparkly Sparkler green Sterope Tar 15 24 15 Zinc 35 15
Hesperides Fruit AC1 Cactus Sap 14 6 23 Iron 56
Powder Blue Pulsar Sterope Cactus Sap 16 5 94 Tungsten 80

For Star Type, please use one of the following:

  • Pulsing - these have a strong glow on the first star, and usually leave a simple trail. There is considerable variability in the size of the star, and the length of the trail. The basic frog and canary designs are this type.
  • Cone (comets) - Have a strong glow at the front, and diffuse into a short 'cone' shape.
  • Bomb (poppers) - These are often hard to see, since they fly their lifetime unignited, and then explode at the end. Single poppers are useful as near-invisible platforms for delivering other stars, while showers of many poppers can be an impressive finale.
  • Trail ("Thin Red Line") - Long thin trails of light, often used for spirals and geometric shapes.
  • Sparkler - These are typically crowd favorites. They leave a shower of sparks as a trail, usually but not always in the same color as the head of the star.

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