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Toxin Kitchen

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SL Chemlab.png
Size 19x19
Where Compound


This building becomes available after you have learned the Cross Breeding tech.


Built in a Compound. Uses 19x19 cells.


Used to make materials for Cross Breeding.

In addition to the reagents manufactured in the Toxin Kitchen, you will need seeds, bulbs, cuttings, etc. of the plants you wish to cross breed and access to a Greenhouse in which to initiate the strain. There is a Cross Breeding menu on greenhouses for those who know the tech.


  • Temperature: The amount of heat being applied. Every time you "Heat with Charcoal", 1 charcoal is consumed and temperature rises (this effect is immediate). Temperature decreases on its own over time.
  • Volume: The amount of liquid present in the solution. Every time you "Dilute with Water", 1 water from your jugs is used and volume increases by roughly 1.00 (the precise amount varies). Volume will decrease whenever temperature is non-zero (as the solution slowly boils away); the higher the temperature, the more volume is lost with each tick. NOTE: If volume ever reaches 0.00, the whole batch will be ruined.
  • Acidity: The acidity value of the solution. "Catalyze with Cactus Sap" consumes 1 Cactus Sap and increases acidity; diluting with water decreases it. Acidity also slowly decreases on its own over time. Note that a change in acidity will not display unless you "Check Acidity", which costs 1 Cabbage juice.
  • Precipitate: The amount of Nut's Essence or Revelation Solvent that has successfully precipitated out. When this value reaches 1.00, you have successfully completed the batch.