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Bulk 1
Weight 1

A cloth made from flax. To produce linen, 400 thread is woven on a loom. The weaving action starts an Endurance timer.


Resource progressions:

  • 80 flax -> 80 lint -> 1200 thread -> 3 linen
  • 27 flax -> 27 lint -> 405 thread -> 1 linen


Uses in previous Tales

  • Tent construction
  • 60 required for Structure Repair skill
  • 300 required for Structure Maintenance skill

Required By

Airship, Apiary, Beetle, Beetle Terrarium, Ceremonial Voting Booth, Chemistry Laboratory, Desert Obelisk, Essence of Harmony, Essential Macerator, Hexaglyph Tablet, Indonesian Bee Hive, Indonesian Bee Hives and Citrus Tree Care, Modern Sheep Farm, Sail, Sculpture, Serpentarium, Shrine of Conflict, Small House, Structure Maintenance, Structure Repair, Table désert, Tent, Test of the Obelisk

Produced By

Automatic Loom, Drying Rack, Hand Loom, Student's Loom