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Structure Maintenance

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Structure Maintenance is used to maintain a Compound that does not have a cornerstone installed.

Source and Cost

Structure Maintenance is a multi-school skill. You may pay the tuitions in any order, but you may only purchase one degree at each allowed level (1, 4, 7, 14, 21, 28, 35).


Presumably the cost of maintaining the cp would decrease with higher levels of this skill. (Needs confirmation.)

It seems that level 1 makes an unexpanded Compound free to maintain. --Lejoni 01:38, 20 January 2009 (EST)

Level 1 of this skill will allow you to maintain a compound at no cost as long as it is not below 90%. Once the compound gets below 90% you need to supply materials to maintain. Presumably that 90% threshold would be lower as your skill level increases. I've only tried this on an unexpanded compound. --Eldar

  • This doesn't work for me, unless there's an option somewhere I'm not seeing. At SM1, I have a compound at 91% that requires materials to maintain. Cheap, but not free. Numaris

Keep in mind maintenance costs are affected a lot by the size of the compound. At level 1, I could repair a small compound at 93 percent at no cost, but a large 50 unit compound at 99 percent required a few materials at the same skill.

Greater skill does not decrease cost of maintaining a compound. I tested it on one of my 97% compounds (quite large), and the maintenance cost was exactly the same with skill 3 as with skill 0 - MrIgnem.