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Well, I see some people are discussing/sharing macros, and I think that's a good thing. Nobody likes the tedium of clicking, and not everyone has the ability to write good macros/scripts to handle that while they are there.

REMEMBER - it is ILLEGAL to go afk while macroing. If a eGenesis staff member catches you, you could be banned for breaking the terms of service.

With that in mind, let's make this a normal page of the wiki.

All macros are T5ok small.gif unless otherwise specified.

Anka's Macros

I'm back and will be updating all of my old macros

  • Barley
  • Charcoal Hearth
  • Charcoal Oven
  • Firepit - autohotkey
  • Endless Flax
  • MultiTool
  • Multiple Resolutions - some are 1920x1080 only for now.

Iggy's Macros

Rogarian's Macros (Windows Executables)

  • R-Cubed (Windows Only)
    • R-Cubed is simple program that will allow one to easily pick up grass, slate and clay. It will also do simple skill based tasks such as digging or gathering limestone.
    • "It's stupdenous!" ~Traak

Jimbly's Macros

  • LUA-based macro engine named VeggieTales
  • Special modes for:
    • Thistle recipe generation
    • Carrot harvesting
  • Macros for
    • Flax
    • Glass making
    • Quarrying
    • Generic repetitive clicking while monitoring your stats (digging, pumping, sand mining, weaving, carving, etc)
    • Wood gathering from a copse of trees
    • ...and more!
  • Flax update by Cegaiel
    • Fixes, for some users, the freezing during 'Refocusing windows' and fixes the occassional freeze while planting. (included in VeggieTales 1.59)
  • Forge Helper by Darkfyre
    • Forge helper based on the Papyrus Paper/CC Helper macros. Process as many student forges as you can pin to the screen.

Cegaiel's Macros

Excuse my laziness, I have too many macros to copy over to T5 (for now)... However, I did go through them and made notes on which works on T5 and which does not and which are not tested. The above link goes to my T4 wiki page (with T5 notes).

  • NEW
    • Kettles (Run 1 to 21 kettles) - 1280x1024 (Autohotkey)
    • Mining (Autohotkey)
    • Sand Mining (Autohotkey)

T5ok small.gif Tested/Confirmed/Updated for T5:

  • Barrel Vise 1280x1024 (Autohotkey)
  • Brick Racks (Unlimited) (Autohotkey)
  • Carpentry Blade (7.1-7.2k) 1680x1050 (Autohotkey) - Duplicate of Oni's Carp Blade Macro, but converted to Autohotkey with extra features - Thanks Oni!
  • Flax Hammocks (Unlimited) (Autohotkey)
  • Get Mouse Coordinates and Color (Autohotkey)
  • Glaziers' Bench (Autohotkey)
  • Grass (Autohotkey)
  • Grow Barley 1280x1024 (Autohotkey)
  • Grow Wheat (Unlimited) (Autohotkey)
  • Hackling Rake (Autohotkey)
  • Malting Trays (Unlimited) (Autohotkey)
  • Plane boards (on Carpentry Shop) (Unlimited) (Autohotkey)
  • Popup box closer (Autohotkey)
  • Pottery Wheels (Unlimited) (Autohotkey)
  • Skills Timer Clicker (Digging, Loom, Dirt, etc - Anything that causes a skill to turn red (Autohotkey)
  • Papy Picker (Autohotkey)
  • Real Seconds Stopwatch (Autohotkey)
  • Teppy and Real Seconds Timer (Great for Glazier Bench) (Autohotkey)

KasumiGhia's Macros

  • updated veggietales macros are listed above in the Jimbly/Veggietales section.
  • Updated version of Cegaiel's crematory macro from T4. For the Amigos Crematory

Wopper87 Misc Macros (Mostly Actools)

Some basic macros i made, modified or used

Oni's Macros (ACTool)

Macros with mentioned resolutions work only in that resolution.

  • Learn to make a simple macro using ACTool.
  • General purpose grass/clay collecting macro. 1280x1024 resolution. 2nd F8 zoomed all the way in.

Blethezar's macro

  • CC hearth macro
    • this is Anka's CC hearth Macro from T3
    • I've re-adjusted this macro to run in 1680x1050 resolution ,
    • only tried it with 4 hearths so far , but works fine.
    • Not lost a batch yet ( Galagah)

Thanatic's macros

Shayra's Macros

  • Flax --- Dharma's Continuous Flaxer from T3 updated for T5
    • Clay Gatherer (nice, try this one)

Tehm's Grass (ACTool)

  • Collects Grass

Makazi's Macros (Veggietales)

  • Flax Assist
    • Click saver, helps when running many flax beds at once.
  • CC Assist
    • CC Heart/Oven interface, run multiple CC Hearts/Ovens from one interface.
  • Pixel Click
    • Select pixel area (16x8) and macro will click that image everytime it sees it. (Grass icon, clay icon, etc.)
  • Clay Gatherer
    • Fully automated clay gathering macro.

Darkfyre's Macros VeggieTales

  1. Forge
  2. Kettle
  3. Casting Box (In progress)
  4. Kiln (In progress)
  5. Pottery Wheel (In progress)

Tutmault Macros (VeggieTales)

Fishing Macro

  1. VeggieTale Fishing Script (Ghostmouse,Screenreading) --
  2. Cycles Lures, Reads Fish Name/Size, Writes to Log File --

Information on Distances

Additional Information lifted from Tale 3 Wiki

This is a distance chart for mouse locations for items. All locations are in cartographer mode, zoomed in, on Windows. Your mileage may vary depending on OS. Please contribute!

  • Brick Rack: Horizontal 32px, Vertical 32px
  • One line of text in a box: 16px
  • Large Buttons
     o The Level button is 128px
     o Other buttons are 64px ea 
  • Small Buttons
     o The Level button is 64px
     o Other buttons are 32px ea

Macro Programs

Program Name Web Address Operating System(s) Supported Cost
Macro Express Windows XP, 2000, ME, 9x, NT 4; Pentium or higher CPU; 32 MB RAM; 20 MB hard disk space $39.95 / 30 day trial
ACTool (Asheron's Call Tool) Windows Free and open source
AutoHotkey Windows Free and open source
AutoIt 3.0 Windows - no libs added Free and open source
LTool-0.3 (Linux) Linux Free and open source (Python script)
xautomation Linux (You Compile, gcc c++) Free, Open Source, GPL
xnee Linux, Mac Free, Open Source, GPL
SCAR Divi Windows Free
Java Windows, Linux, Mac Free

AC Tool

There are a couple of issues with AC Tool that, once you fix, make it very easy and good to use.

  • Windows XP, start the program in Administrator Mode.
  • If you get the error "Could not find Decal's MEMLOCKS.XML", just click Macro > Asheron's Call 1 Settings > Skip AC Mouse Memory Writes
  • Setting <f2> and <f3> as start and stop hot keys will help fix most of the issues of "run away" macros.


  • T5N.gif [A Click in Time]
    • Written by GarethDahm in Tale4 for Windows.
    • Free Application!
    • Position a small arrow anywhere on your screen.
    • Set the timer.
    • Let it ease your RSI factor!

  • Ghostmouse (Windows Executable) - Simple old freeware program that records your mouse movements/clicks. Can adjust the speed with a click in Options, if necessary. Records in real time, no scripts to edit, easy for anyone to use. Program no longer made or supported, found in old archived backup CD. (Screenshot)

Personally I like autohotkey because it's freeware and is still being updated - Blogot

I second the Autohotkey recommendation, it has some extremely powerful features but is still fast and lightweight, and new features are being added all the time. - Dragyn

Personally I like AutoIt 3.0 it is freeware updated alot and it is very powerful allows macroing of almost anything windows - Ledeanna

I second the AutoIt recommendation, it is very powerful as well, easy to code and allows compiling the scripts for use by people who want to macro but feel not competent enough to write their own or who dont want to install the scripting software. ~Anguz - Note - AutoHotKey also allows you to compile an exe for machines with out AHK installed. ~Jhnny

Added SCAR Divi, its similar to ACtool, but in my opinion much better. It has very nice support for Bitmap searching, and even Bitmask searching. The bitmaps can be converted to strings, and loaded directly in from the script (Rather then saved as images). Lots of other features, but people will have to find them. SCAR also supports bitmap masks, and Deformable template models, which allows the macro to find and identify multiple images, or peices of text, even when the colours, position, or even size has changed. Its possible to make fairly advanced macros that will work regardless of window positions ingame, or resolution.--Kinslayer 08:32, 29 August 2009 (EST)

Running without Windows?

A lot of the macro effort has gone towards programs for windows. The windows version of atitd can be run using (run Windows applications on Linux, BSD, Solaris and Mac OS X).

Veggietales and autohotkey work to some extent using this emulator along with the windows emulation of atitd.

Autohotkey 'keys' need to be changed to ones that work (Scrolllock, Numpad up/down/left/pageup/down buttons seem to work on ubuntu10). Recording and playback work only on windows emulated programs, but that's enough to save you from windows.

==T5N.gifTale4 Macros==

Many of the Macros from Tale 4 still work. Please copy them to this page once you have verified them.

The old Page