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Test of the Prophet

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Each week, predict one player that will go on to pass many Tests. Scoring is direct, so there is no harm in prophesying the same players as other Prophets. All prophecies are made at an Essence of Harmony.


  • Make your first Prophecy
  • Make a Second Prophecy
  • Review your Prophecies at an Essence of Harmony
  • Get at least one Prophecy Point

Demonstrate the Principle

The test of the Prophet can be petitioned by someone who has built an Essence of Harmony.


You can make as many predictions as there have been weeks since the Test began (e.g. in the 11th week, you can have a maximum of 11 prophecies). You can make a new prophecy every 24 hours until you have as many prophecies as weeks since the Test began, thereafter you can only make one new one per week. This lets people that started late or missed a few weeks catch up with everyone else to some extent.

You cannot predict yourself and you cannot change or delete a prediction. Be careful when selecting - betting on someone who quits a few days later (or typoing a name) blocks one of your prophecy slots forever.

You gain 1 point for each test the person passes after you pick them. Points continue to accumulate as your picks pass more tests. The top seven scores will pass each week, with ties held over to the following week.

Some people were having trouble so I tried to make a simplified version. - Larynth

The object of this test is to guess who will pass the most tests in the shortest amount of time. You can make a guess by choosing a player once per week. If you did not start the test the week it was unlocked you may then make a new choice every twenty-four hours until you have as many people chosen as the people who started the first week do.

The best strategy is to find players who have committed to the game, i.e. they’ve passed their initiations. If you pick a player who then quits without passing any tests you receive no points. In this case that person will, however, always take up a slot, of which you have a limited number. So, ask around and see who is planning on passing a test soon. (Principles do not count.)

In order to pass this test you must be one of the top 7 scoring players for the week. Points are assigned for each test passed by one of your choices. The more test each passes, the more points you gain for having chosen them. So if your first choice passed 3 tests you would get 3 points for them etc.


See Test Pass History.